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Most information has been checked; however, this page may contain information that is now obsolete and inaccurate. You are strongly encouraged to check your plans, and ask questions of the good people on the message board: take advantage of their practical and up-to-the-minute experience.  You are also invited to report inaccuracies or new information to us.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Missouri USA

Boehringer Ingelheim is now the only US pharmaceutical company manufacturing FDA veterinary PZI. Only vets may order. Your vet has the option to charge more than the recommended price, so you may wish to shop around. As long as a bottle is not opened it has a shelf life of over a year. Certain additional procedures and fees may apply to shipments to countries other than the US.

1-800 Pet Meds

You can help support the FelineDiabetes website by ordering ProZinc through our PetMeds link. FelineDiabetes will get a small commission and it won't cost you an extra penney.

Internet and telephone


U-40, 10 ml, $129.99. Since the product requires refrigeration, shipping is charged. 1800PetMeds has a price match guarantee then ship at their own overnight rate.

NLS Animal Health
(aka A.J. Buck)

Central and Northeast


Veterinary distributor, your vet may be a client.

NLS Animal Health
(aka Barber & Lundberg)

TX (Ft Worth)
South and West


Veterinary distributor: your vet may be a client.

Drs Foster and Smith



ProZinc ® U-40, 10 ml, $119.99 as of Nov 2011. Website states "All Insulin must be shipped by 1 day air service." The charge for overnight shipping was $24.99.

The Medicine Man Pharmacy

Phone orders


February 2007 price was $94.50 for a 10ml vial (U-40) plus shipping.

Internet orders for Medicine Man Pharmacy

February 2007 price was $94.50 for a 10ml vial (U-40) plus shipping. (Priority mail available for $5, shipped from WA state, for either phone or online orders)

Internet or phone orders
U.S. or 1-877-500-9944

February 2007 price was $89.99 for a 10ml vial (U-40) plus shipping. $26.58 extra for refrigerated shipping.

Sources of 100% beef PZI **

BCP Veterinary Pharmacy

Houston, Texas USA

Phone: 1-800-481-1729
Fax: 713-771-1131
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-6 Central time

10 ml vials of U100/U50/U40. U100 is also available in a 5 ml vial. 10 ml of U100 is $58, plus shipping. There are also 5 ml bottles of U100 available, price unknown. On 4/10/06, 10 ml of U40 was $28.80 plus $8.50 shipping. Another $25.00 gets you refrigerated, overnight shipping. Your Vet calls in the prescription and the insulin can be shipped to you (when you call in your credit card) or to your vet. Very friendly and helpful staff. FelineDiabetes.comTM founder Rebecca uses this pharmacy and personally recommends them.

Veterinary Pharmacies of America

Houston, Texas USA

Phone: 1-877-vet-rxrx
Fax: 1-877-FAX-rxrx

Source recommended by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins. Veterinarian prescription required. PZI 40iu/mL 10mL - $38.00 PZI 100iu/mL 5mL - $36.00PZI 100iu/mL 10mL - $58.00 Our shipping charges are as follows:Direct to Client: $8.50To Vet Clinic: $7.00SATURDAY DELIVERY: $25.00 All shipments are sent for overnight delivery within approx 48 hours.(Updated 9/04/06)

Summit Veterinary Pharmacy, Inc.

25 Furbacher Lane
Aurora ON L4G 6W3

Direct 1-866-378-7979
Fax 1-866-329-7979
Web Site:

Canadian sales only. Their insulin is sold only through veterinarians; no direct shipping to consumer. 10ml U100, 100% bovine insulin.

Source of 100% beef PZI -- if you live in the UK **

Companion Animals Division

(Harefield Uxbridge)

In the UK, ask your vet. They don't have capacity to
handle public inquiries.

Formulations: "Insuvet" Lente and PZI
Sold by vets in the UK.
100% beef, U100, 10ml, shelf life: unopened-2-3 years. Opened-1 month

Wellington Pharmacy

England (London)

Mr. Ivor Deitsch
Phone: 011-44-207-235-5621
Fax: 011-44-207-235-0158

(2) 10ml U100 vials + express air approx $85 (vials approximately $65 each)

Insulin manufactured by CP Pharmaceuticals. Formulations: 100% bovine PZI, Lente, Isophane (NPH) and Neutral (Regular). Prescription needed, can be faxed. Call Mr. Deitsch to order. No minimum, credit card only. Fax orders 24hrs/day. Usual shipping time: 2 days, delivery Mon-Fri. See Import Regulations (above).

CP Pharmaceuticals


Order by mail, approx $30 for 10 ml, $60 for shipping.
EXPORT to other countries is available. They require compliance with US import reg's: copy of import permit from USDA, takes 4-6 weeks, call 301-734-3277. In April 2005, export prices were US$ 65.00 for a 10 ml bottle (beef PZI) + US$ 85.00 for the express air delivery. You will need a vet's prescription.
For export procedures by country, see their web site and Import Regulations (above).
Formulations: 100% bovine PZI, Lente, Isophane (NPH) and Neutral (Regular).

To locate a pharmacy near you (in the US) that compounds PZI:

International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP): a professional association, (they have an online search/referral form)
or call 800-927-4227.  You will need to ask the pharmacist what type of insulin they use, if it matters to you.

Sample listing** of human "Regular" PZI compounding pharmacies:





Abbot's Compounding Pharmacy

CA (Berkeley)

510 548-8777

U100, $45/5ml+ship

Professional Arts Pharmacy

MD (Baltimore)


U100, $40/10ml+ship, large volume/month, specializes in veterinary medicine, claims 1-yr shelf life.

Professional Compounding Pharmacy

OR (Corvalis)

800 934-6337

U40, 10ml, will ship

Red Oak Drugs

TX (Red Oak)

800 551-1911

U50, $26/10ml + ship

Stokes Pharmacy

NJ (Medford)

609 654-5222

Any size/strength, $33+ship. Obtains outside analysis for batch consistency.

Sullivan's Pharmacy

MA (Boston)


U50, $59/10ml+ship

Sample listing** of Animal-source PZI compounding pharmacies:





Arlington Clinical Pharmacy

NV (Reno)


U50, beef/pork, $42/10ml. Gets Lilly Iletin I from her supplier (this is a mystery, since it was discontinued by Lilly, 5 years ago), and compounds it with PZ. Check expiration.

Martin Avenue Pharmacy

IL (Naperville)

630 355-6400

Gets beef/pork insulin from (unnamed) suppliers and compounds it with PZI. U-40 strength, $63 + shipping

**Caveat emptor.  Know what you’re buying.  This page may contain information that is now outdated. You are strongly encouraged to check your plans, and ask questions of the good people on the message board: take advantage of their years of intensive, practical and up-to-the-minute experience as owners of diabetic cats. Also, be sure to discuss which insulin to use with your vet.

You are invited to send corrections and updates to

Last updated November 2011.

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