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Treatment of Diabetes in Cats - a good starting point
Diabetes is not a death sentence! Learn what diabetes is, how it is treated, and tips and tricks from our users.

Diet is a critical and early step in treating Feline Diabetes

Introduction to Feline Diabetes Mellitus

Insulin and Injections
Learn how to properly administer insulin, the different varieties of insulin that are available, and the fine differences between PZI vartieties and humulins.

Home Testing Blood Glucose in Cats
Home testing your cat's BG levels is a very simple procedure. A simple ear prick can help regulation of your cat and ensure that hypoglycemia is avoided.

Extremely low blood sugar can be a threat to your cat. Learn how to recognize and treat hypoglycemia. Included is a link to a printable emergency reference sheet for treating hypoglycemia.

Too much pee, how to test pee, litter box hints. Cat urination can make us all crazy!

Neuropathy: Weak Back Legs
Many diabetic cats can no longer jump or even stand. Found out how to help your cat regain her strength.

Managing Feline Diabetes: Articles by veterinarians

Notes on lectures given by Deborah Greco DVM PhD ACVIM at the MVMA meeting in Telluride, CO in March 2005.

Medical Data from FDMB

Over the years, various surveys and research have been conducted and results are available here.

Conditions often Concurrent with Feline Diabetes

The cat with diabetes may also have other health problems. Sometimes, it is these other conditions that lead to the initial diagnosis of diabetes. Click here to learn about these problems, including:
  • Renal (kidney) Failure
  • Neuropathy
  • Somogyi Effect
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hepatic Lipidosis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Cushing's Disease


BG Conversion Calculator - Convert between American and International units.

Insulin Conversions - Convert U-40 to U-100

Pet Sitter Instructions - Printable information sheet for your pet sitter.

Feline Body Mass Index (FBMI) - .pdf document giving instructions and a formula for determining if your cat's weight is appropriate.

Guide to Feline Body Condition - .pdf document with illustrations to determine the fitness level of your cat.


Dear Mom... A reassuring letter from your diabetic kitty

Rainbow Bridge - the story of "The Bridge"

Feline Diabetes Poems

Electric Cat Water Fountains
Give your cat access to clean and fresh water with a fountain. Read our reviews and cleaning instructions. This site does not sell these fountains, so if info you want isn't on this page, please contact the manufacturer of your fountain.

Last updated January 2013.
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