Approach to the problem diabetic pet

Sad CatDiagnosing the "insulin resistant" Cat

Deborah Greco DVM PhD
The Animal Medical Center
New York, New York

Presented at the Maryland Veterinary Assoc. Meeting
Telluride, CO; March 5-9, 2005

Algorithm for Diabetic Control
Unregulated Diabetic? Polyuria/Polydipsia?(PU/PD)
Check for owner management errors †
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old insulin? owner injection technique? Improper insulin storage? No owner management errors? Right arrow If PU/PD, no need for blood glucose curve: the animal is not regulated!


Algorithm for Diagnosis of Diabetic Cats
No management errors
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>2.2 U/kg/dose
<2.2 U/kg/dose
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Measure T4, IGF-1, ACTH/Low Dose Dexamethosone supplement
Perform blood glucose and fructosamine
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ABNORMAL?-check for underlying disorders NORMAL? Right arrow Rapid insulin metabolism, Antibodies: Change to beef or beef/pork insulin

Owner Compliance
  • Are you rotating injection sites?
  • Are you injecting in the right place? (NOT in the scruff of the neck)
  • Are you storing insulin properly?
  • Are your replacing the insulin timely?
  • Is your injection technique good?
  • Are you compliant with DIET?
  • If all this is ok, change the type of insulin you use.



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