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Hypogycemic Episodes

Cat Glucose Level Symptoms Sugar given before glucose measured? Outcome
Austin 32 Coma & Seizures yes/ honey Start of "honeymoon"
Austin 31 Asymptomatic (at vet) no Full recovery/ decreased insulin dose
Muffler <10 Yowling, disorientation, hiding, stumbling, limpness yes/Karo syrup Start of "honeymoon"
Dudley 42 Asymptomatic (at vet) no Full recovery/ decreased insulin dose
Moses 40 asymptomatic/at vet no Full recovery/ decreased insulin dose
Missy 30 Vomiting, diarrhea, twitching, rapid pulse, shallow breathing Yes, lots at Vet! Full recovery, decreased insulin dosage to 1 x a day. This happened about 1.5 months after diagnosis.
Sweetie ? lethargy, third eyelid showing yes/Coffeemate Full recovery/ decreased insulin dose
Tigger Croissant 20 vomiting, confusion, pacing in circles yes/Karo Full recovery/ decreased insulin dose
Rat ? Drunken like,wobbly legs,Came on suddenly yes/Karo initially lowered dosage, but her sugar level skyrocked again. Now on different insulin - PZI, no episodes since.
Tigger 34 lethargy yes/Karo Full recovery/decreased insulin dose
Loki 8 coma;lethargy, "yowling", seizures yes/Karo Full recovery/decreased insulin dose
Yvette LO (28 & under) lethargy yes/Karo One week off insulin, then back to 2u, 2x, currently 4u, 2x. Otherwise, full recovery.
Cinder ? seizures ? Hypoglycemic event June 1996, two grand mals and a suspected stroke. Her vision is limited and she is doing great now!
Teddy 23 vomiting, extreme lethargy, hiding in unusual places Glucose drip Full recovery/no change
Teddy 32 vomiting, lethargy, Sleeping/hiding in unusual place yes/Karo Full recovery/We are now VERY SLOWLY adjusting his insulin level up. Will probably go back to 2X/day, but not at equal dosages. Also have changed his diet, which has helped.
Lemmy 30 seizures, unable to stand, yowling, dialated pupils yes/Karo Full recovery/nochange
Emma ? seizures, yowling, shock, more seizures, unable to walk, turning in circles, appearing blind yes/Maple Syrup Full recovery/decreased
Boo-Boo 66 vomiting, Bladder/bowel release, lethargy yes/Karo Full recovery/start of honeymoon
Melissa 44 coma,walking in circles, blindness, hissing yes/Karo Switched insulin type; rejected that insulin type. 4 mo. later- recovered started honeymoon til passing in 12/97
Johann Unknown seizures, circling, disorientation, growling, dialated pupils yes/Karo. Later, 15 cc's of dextrose subcutaneously every 1 1/2 hours Deceased
DJ <40 vomiting, lethargy, dialated pupils, refusal to eat, shivering/trembling in rear legs yes/Karo. honeymoon
Groucho <25 <25 yes/Karo Full recovery; changed diet
Joey 42 Vomiting, lethargy, hiding yes/Maple Syrup Full recovery after 1 cc dextrose at vet
Bubba 40 Vomiting, pacing, sniffing everything, seemed blind yes/Honey Full recovery
Tigger 20 Seizures, paddling, dilated eyes, cold feet, evacuated bowels yes/Karo In Neurology ICU 5/31/98
Kosmo ? Seizures, very stiff muscles about 7 minutes before seizure yes/Karo Full recovery
Chloe 60 Lethargy, trouble standing and moving due to twitching in legs yes/Karo She just happened to have an appointment with the vet that morning-- chloe was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Weekly glucose monitoring is required to prevent another episode. She's doing just fine now.
Figaro ? Lethargy, disorientation, blindness, deafness, tryng to hide away yes/sugar water Changed insulin from NPH U-100 to Humulin-U. Weight loss, change in eating habits, still in recovery.
Hobo 32 Lethargy, odd behavior, stood in corner facing wall yes/Honey + IV glucose at vet Full recovery
Maxine - yowling yes/sugar water Full recovery
Yello ? seizures, heart rate of 40, breathing stopped yes/Karo & IV dextrose at vet Full recovery
Mudpuppy 28 yowling, disorientation, "sniffing", weakness, panting. "Binged" on food & vomited before episode yes/Karo Full recovery

Last Updated on 8/01/01
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