Insulin and Injections for Diabetic Cats

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Giving your cat an injection of insulin can be a simple, painless procedure - for both of you!
The right medication is vital to regulate your cat properly.

Insulin 101
The basic outline of what will be involved now that you will treat your diabetic cat with insulin.

How to give injections
Successful injections are simple and easy to perform. After establishing a good routine, injections will be an effortless daily ritual.

Other insulin source list
Want to import a non-U.S. approved insulin to the US? Want to compare insulin prices?

Discontinued Insulin Types
Humulin U, Humulin L, and pork Iletin II are no longer available. PZI is being discontinued.

U-40 to U-100 Conversion Chart
If your insulin is one strength and your syringes are for another strength, you need this conversion table.



Last updated 11/9/09


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