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Insulins such as Levemir that are not otherwise available can be imported into the US.

If you wish to import an insulin into the US, you will need an FDA clearance letter prior to the shipment. The letter is obtained by submitting answers to a list of questions (supplied below) and requires the cooperation of your vet.

Medically Necessary Personal Veterinary Imports

Please submit letter to:

Toni Wooten
Division of Compliance, HFV-230
Center for Veterinary Food and Drug Administration
Metro Park North 4
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, Maryland 20855

Or fax to 240-276-9241

Please determine the following in the initial contact:
How did the veterinarian learn of this product?
If there is any indication the product has been actively promoted in U.S. markets it will be refused entry and an import alert will be issued.

Please have your veterinarian submit the following information:

  1. Veterinarian's Name, Address and phone number
  2. Clinic name and address
  3. Client's name and address
  4. Patient name and non-food species
  5. Name of Drug
  6. Drug family or class
  7. Name and address of drug supplier
  8. Legal status of the drug in the foreign country
  9. Amount of drug to be imported B must be small, non-commercial quantities. Please be sure to specify # of mg as well as # of bottles
  10. Disease condition to be treated
  11. Reason why an approved human or animal drug will not treat the disease condition
  12. A statement that:
    - you will notify the animal owner that the drug is not approved;
    - that the drug will not be used in any food animal
    - and that you agree to notify the FDA if there are any adverse reactions?
  13. How did you learn of the existence of this drug?
Processing the request will take 3 to 4 weeks.

You are invited to send corrections and updates to

Last updated 9/26/2006

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