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"Mini" Blood Glucose Curves

A blood glucose curve is periodic testing of the blood sugar levels to see what effect the insulin is having. The values will ALWAYS vary; you are looking for values outside of acceptable ranges, which will be approximately 100-200 or maybe up to 300 depending on your cat.

Once you're getting fairly consistent results with blood glucose (BG) levels, just spot check now and then (once or twice a week at one or two times in his cycle that you feel will give you the most valuable information). Or, of course, if your cat acts strangely and you want to know if it's a hypoglycemic reaction.

If your cat is well-regulated, (staying within the desirable range of blood sugars), you only need to do a mini-curve once a month or so.

    A good mini-curve is:

  1. An hour after eating, to determine how much of a postprandial (after eating) rise in blood sugar is occurring.
  2. At the expected time of insulin peak action, to determine the lowest BG.
  3. Halfway between (2) and the next injection, to determine how well the insulin is controlling the BG.
  4. Just before the next injection, to determine the duration of insulin effectiveness.

There is some information on working with blood glucose (BG) curves in the "Diabetes for Beginners" section of this web site.


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