Thank you to FDMB Moderators, and FDMB members!

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  1. Robert and Echo

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    Dec 18, 2008
    With the New Year, I want to take a short moment to think back over where the FDMB has come from, where it is going, and not forget to thank who is helping us to get us there.

    Back in 1996, my aunt, Rebecca, created this place of learning after finding her cat, Austin, had feline diabetes. As a doctor herself, she was nonplussed with the lack of available information. I got involved shortly after.

    Nineteen years later, here we are, still learning and sharing with each other.

    Over the years, we've seen many cats treated, friends have been made, reunions have happened in different cities, and this space has helped a great number of people. I'm thankful for that.

    Rebecca had to step away from the FDMB community very recently due to health reasons, as many of you know.

    I am so thankful for our moderators who have been instrumental in helping fulfill Rebecca's vision of providing the best peer-reviewed advice possible for care-givers of cats with diabetes. (I am also thankful for their hard work on the boring things as well, like fighting spam!) I am glad we have a committed team that is looking out -- often unrecognized -- for the continued success of our community.

    Our moderator team is a group of folks that have helped in so many ways, usually never seen, and therefore rarely thanked. For that I have to say again, "Thank you!"

    With our recent software change, and our ISG change, I know that it has made things different, but the difficulty is temporary. For the board changes, there is a good "how to" post here:
    For a further explanation of the ISG change, see:

    Overall, I'd also like to say thank you to our members. Thank you for finding us, for joining us, and for fighting for your cat. Our goal is to have a place that is safe for both caregivers, and the health of the cats. I wish you and your family a healthy 2015.

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