OTJ party for Kyo today!!

Discussion in 'Prozinc / PZI' started by Harukyo, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Harukyo

    Harukyo Member

    Jun 6, 2019
    We have finally reached day 14 of Kyo's OTJ trial! She is officially diet controlled as of July 10th, 2019! :D:D

    Thank you so much to @Camille and Cyclone from the Lantus forum for creating a video for us to celebrate Kyo being OTJ!! :joyful:

    And a special thank you to @Bron and Sheba and @Djamila @Jenna Josie who followed and guided Kyo and I through this whole process and helped us get here. Even to the point of staying up with me through all hours of the night when Kyo was crashing and I was much less experienced. Also shout out to @Shelly B. (I believe that's the correct tag) from DCIN for making me aware of FDMB and literally persuading me to "give the internet strangers a try" Haha, I was very skeptical at first, but call me a believer now!!

    I could not have done this without you all :bighug::bighug:

    Thank you to the many others from this amazing community who would check up on us, offer their valuable experiences, and gave us support! :bighug:
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  2. FurBabiesMama

    FurBabiesMama Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2017
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  3. Robert Vittetoe

    Robert Vittetoe Member

    Jun 7, 2019
    Good for all of you!
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  4. Lisa and little

    Lisa and little Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2018
    Yay!! Congratulations!!
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  5. CandyH & Catcat

    CandyH & Catcat Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2019
    Catcat is envious :p
    I'm delighted :joyful:

    you've both done such a great job :bighug::bighug::bighug:
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  6. Jack the Cat

    Jack the Cat Member

    Jun 3, 2019
    Congratulations! I echo your sentiments about the support given from this group. These folks are amazing.
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  7. Jerry dutchboy

    Jerry dutchboy Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2019
    So happy for you both. Kyo is adorable. Huge congratulations.:woot::woot::otj:
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  8. Sharon14

    Sharon14 Well-Known Member

    Aug 16, 2015
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  9. Diane Tyler's Mom

    Diane Tyler's Mom Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2018
    Congratulations and yes this group is amazing!
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  10. AmandaE

    AmandaE Well-Known Member

    Mar 18, 2019
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you and Kyo!! have a long and happy life by the falls :otj::D:otj:
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  11. Beta kitty

    Beta kitty Member

    Sep 7, 2016
    Congratulations Kyo.. :cat: :cat: Hoping Beta will join the OTJ club soon too.
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  12. Bron and Sheba (GA)

    Bron and Sheba (GA) Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Congratulations Lauren and Kyo!!!!
    Wonderful news!
    Kyo you were such a cooperative little girl during your recent adventure! Make sure you don’t eat anything you shouldn’t!
    Please keep in touch!
    Thanks @Camille and Cyclone great video!
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  13. Djamila

    Djamila Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2015
    Yay! Congratulations Lauren and Kyo! Lauren, you did such a wonderful job taking care of your extra sweet Kyo! I'm so happy for you both. I hope you'll stay in touch, and keep helping out new folks as they join. It's been great to witness your journey and celebrate this new phase with you!
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  14. Noah & me (GA)

    Noah & me (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2016
    Giddeyup! :D
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  15. MrWorfMen's Mom

    MrWorfMen's Mom Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    Congratulations! Great video of your beautiful sweetie! May you enjoy many many years at the Falls! :joyful:
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  16. Idjit's mom

    Idjit's mom Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    Wonderful news and congratulations. Welcome to The Falls, Kyo. :otj::woot::otj:
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