Microdosing ProZinc, looking for some guidance on lower no-shoot

Discussion in 'Prozinc / PZI' started by Peacock, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Mar 4, 2019
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    Most of the threads on microdosing protocol seem to be for Lantus which is supposed to be longer lasting, so I don't want to assume the same guidelines apply to ProZinc.

    TIA to anyone who is able to take a look at Peacock's numbers and give feedback.

    I switched to a human meter in early June to be able to afford to keep closer track of her numbers, so be aware any numbers from before that are on a pet meter. Based on the human meter numbers from June, I have been dropping her dose in very small increments in an attempt to be able to keep her on a consistent dose. I had settled into 0.1 as a good dose, where she was managed but not at much risk of hypo, with a target nadir of 80-90, and with 125 as my bottom limit on shooting insulin.

    Peacock has only gotten 3 shots in the last 6 cycles (2 no-shoots, 1 accidental oversleep) so I cut her dose again to .05 this morning. Now is she cruising along in greens and looks like she may be too low again in a few hours at pmps time. I am wondering if I should drop her no-shoot number down to around 110? That feels a bit reckless, but so does missing doses.

    Yesterday I woke up 3 hours past shot time and she was at 192, but I didn't want to shoot late so she did not get insulin, and then 4 hours later she was down to 96, a 50% drop, on her own. Encouraging, but scary because if she did that on her own I am more concerned about being extra careful with dosing her. She obviously still needs some help though.

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