Kind of frustrated.

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  1. Mimis mom

    Mimis mom Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2019
    I don't know where to bring Mimi as far as vets go. I mean I have a couple in mind but I know shell be needing her refill soon of syringes, and the last vet that refilled it Im not too happy with and I know she won't refill it until she sees her again.

    Just felt like venting. lol

    I wish I could find a vet that knew more about feline diabetes..
  2. Diane Tyler's Mom

    Diane Tyler's Mom Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2018
    Maybe you can ask if anyone lives in your area and could suggest a vet that they are happy with what an adorable face Mimis has :cat:
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  3. Panic

    Panic Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2019
    I can't imagine having to have a vet visit for every syringe refill - that'd be every two months! :eek:

    Yes, maybe someone here or on the FB groups would have a vet recommendation near you so you wouldn't have to do the legwork yourself. I'd be so frustrated.
  4. Dusty & Roe

    Dusty & Roe Member

    Apr 28, 2020
    I think it’s crazy your Vet has to see her for another refill . Have you looked up Vets reviews in your area ? Mimis is a Cutie
  5. Lisa and Witn (GA)

    Lisa and Witn (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    If you change the topic to ask for vet recommendations and include your area, someone near you may be able to help you find a good vet.

    Also, are you using the Lantus vial or pens? If the vial, ask for you next prescription for the pens instead. One pack of pens could last for 9 months or more based on your current dose. Many of our members order their Lantus through Marks Pharmacy in Canada since the cost is less than you pay in the US.
  6. Noah & me (GA)

    Noah & me (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2016
    As for picking a vet. Confronting someone in a lab coat with a degree on the wall isn't easy. I have a very rare neurological thing and once told an emergency room doctor (not a neurologist) "That's not the current treatment". His big fat head turned orange and exploded but I was right.
    Without mentioning the internet tell the vet you want to test every day, do curves at home, buy your supplies at a low cost etc. It's your cat and your money, you're not obligated in any way to return to a vet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    It's not always easy. Like telling the Pope you've had enough and are becoming a Buddhist. We tell telephone solicitors we worship our dark lord and master Satan and they never call back. Good luck.
  7. Critter Mom

    Critter Mom Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2014
    Oh my goodness but isn't Mimi a beauty! That face!! :cat:

    Sometimes it's enough to find a vet who may know just enough about feline diabetes to begin with but who has a progressive attitude towards treating the condition and is happy to work in partnership with you. Maybe something to consider when vet shopping.

    Like many here, I know the world of difference it can make to have a good working relationship a decent vetty bean. I wish you success in finding a good 'un.

  8. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
    Try ordering from They handle any perscription approvals.

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