? Is Gypsy in remission?

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    Jul 24, 2019
    14 days of green, no insulin!

    I have not found any recommendations for how to deal with a cat in remission.

    How should I proceed from here?

    How often should I test? And when?

    I am trying to find a better food, one that has lower carbs than the Hill's m/d food (13%), so her numbers have room to go lower. She's so doggone fussy, I'm lucky I decided to grab a couple of cans of m/d from the vet to try :-( I will go through the foods from Dr. Pierson's list that are lower in phosphorous since Gypsy is CKD. Also, high protein and zero fat is not a good choice. There's lots of foods to try, but I think she will like the pates. The Wureva paw lickin chicken was not well received. She likes the juice (I always add water, too) but I had to chop up the chicken shreds. I probably should consider making a pate out of some of these foods in the mini food processor :)

    You folks are really such caring, dedicated people. Thank you. I made a $25 donation to the website and will use the affiliate links on the support this site page to make purchases in the future.
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    Looks like you are there or very very close. If I were you I would keep testing as you have been for a few more days. My reasoning is that you've had a couple of blue readings in that last 13 days just above or just below the top of the normal BG range. It appears they were just one off numbers but you want a strong remission that lasts.

    If you should get another blue number at AMBG or PMBG, feed Gypsy and then retest her 3 hours after the meal. If her BG has come down, then her pancreas is functioning as it should in a cat in remission. Of course if she stays in green for a few more days, then you've attained that ultimate goal.

    Congrats on getting her into such great shape. As the Mom to a very finicky girl I can sympathize with the dilemma of finding something they like that is a good food for a diabetic. Your hunt is a bit harder than mine with the CKD to deal with too so good luck with the food.

    Going forward, keep Gypsy on a low carb wet diet and keep testing weekly for at least a month. Then you can back off a bit to biweekly and then to monthly if you choose. I personally still test my girl weekly because they can relapse and if they do, you want to catch it quickly.

    Let us know how the next couple of days go. We love success stories. :D
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