Does anybody know of a good comprehensive book for feline diabetes

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  1. SamanthaLily

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    May 24, 2020
    Does anyone know of a good detailed book specifically on feline diabetes. I have gone to libraries, book stores but no one seems to have anything. I have come across Merck Manuals on animal care but they have been useless. When I look up websites one will tell me to DO THIS and the other one will tell me NOT TO DO THAT. It is all so confusing and frustrating. I want to be a good diabetic mom (well I would rather her not to be diabetic) but I end up second guessing myself.
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  2. Tom & Thomas (GA)

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Hmm, I've never run across a book either. There is, of course, a huge amount of in-depth information on this site, which I trust as a source. But it is not comprehensively organized like a book would be. On the other hand, even though veterinary medicine may not be moving quite as fast as human medicine, any book would quickly be outdated. And might not have had the best information in the first place.

    Some additional reading I would recommend:

    1) The AAHA and ISFM disease management guidelines, reflecting consensus opinions in veterinary medicine, that are linked from this site's Health Links page.
    2) The material offered on the websites of major vet colleges, e.g. Cornell's.
    3) What the always invaluable Dr Lisa Pierson has to say.
    4) I found some useful material on the Pet Diabetes Wiki.
    5) What Wikipedia has to say is generally worth a look.

    Opinions on the value of these sources may vary.

    The FDMB has its own culture with its own way of approaching things. This community is oriented towards very active management of feline diabetes, which is not -- alas -- a universal practice. That said, when in doubt I would always be comfortable posting here, confident that I will get knowledgeable and caring replies (with, of course, some people providing better answers than others). And I don't believe anywhere else offers the board's level of immediate, situational advice.
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  3. Panic

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    Apr 10, 2019
    I've nosed around but haven't found any sort of book without outdated information; even one of the books I purchased that was recommended on Dr. Pierson's website I found was very outdated on knowledge of diabetes (saying Lantus was not to be trusted) and pancreatitis, to name a couple. Studies come out every year with new information so it's hard for a book to be up-to-date in the way that you would need.

    I have a roughly 30 page document I was writing as a "feline diabetes survival guide", which was basically a compilation of the information found here, but it is unfinished and would need to be cleared by the mods here before I could share as it's entirely possible some of the information compiled is in fact outdated, and just hasn't been officially corrected on the site (like some of the older articles). I will say it was hard to compile that information too, which indicates how difficult it can be finding all the (current) information you need.

    The Health Links/FAQs does a pretty good job compiling a lot of the basics down but for everything else I really just go to google and type in the subject like so:

    Blood Glucose Meter recommendation

    That brings up ONLY information from FDMB and I found it a little easier than using the search bar on the site itself.

    It's frustrating I know, especially when you just want everything compiled together in one place.

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