Changed to pro zinc from Caninsulin need advice about dosing

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    Hey all. I just switched to prozinc from Caninsulin as I was told it is better for my cat. I have a 20 year cat and she has had a few problems latley. She got an infection and almost died because the vet refused to treat her. She has kidney disease and had liver problems since it happened, and she was hyperglycemic. Her liver has healed but her kidneys are still not working right. She keeps getting very dehydrated the vet said she has diabetes and only gave me fluids to do from home refused to give antibiotics. They also refuse to treat her due to her age and don’t believe she can be saved. I have had this happen before and she completely recovered with antibiotics and fluids. Now she needs insulin as well. I was up to 1cc with Caninsulin. Can I continue with same dose of prozinc? I gave her shot in morning. she seemed much better after a bit, but around 4pm seems to be high again. How often can she be given a shot in a day? Would it be same dose as morning 1cc? Or would I be better off giving her fluids to hydrate her and lower sugar? Would fluids take insulin out of her system or will it remain?
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    1cc is 100 Units of insulin. I think you may mean units, and not cubic centimeters, (1 cc = 1 ml = 100 units)

    Without more information and seeing some test data, it's really hard to say what the dose should be.
    We use a standardized format spreadsheet, to record the test data. There is a template you copy, so you do not need to "reinvent the wheel". Setup instructions follow for the SS (spreadsheet).
    When changing insulin types, the prior dose of insulin is taken into consideration.
    But it's unclear how much Caninsulin your cat was actually getting.

    How long was she on the Caninsulin?
    What was the starting dose?
    How were the increases done? Whole units? 0.5Units or 0.25U increases?

    Cats need insulin 2 times a day, 12 hours apart. Or as close to the 12 hours apart as you can manage. Same dose, AM and PM.

    Define high please. Where did she start the day? What was the pre-shot test BG number?

    We live all over the world so telling us that she was high at 4 pm, does not put that time into context and means very little to us. 4 pm your time may be 2 am in the morning the next day, for someone that lives in another part of the world.
    We express hours in a + time format. So pre-shot test time is AMPS (morning pre-shot test) or PMPS (evening pre-shot test)
    +1 is one hour after giving the insulin, +2 is 2 hours after giving the insulin, etc.

    Fluids do not lower the blood glucose levels either. Only insulin can do that. That insulin may be produced by her own body, or by giving a cat a shot of insulin.

    Fluids do not take insulin out of a cat's system. Fluids simply help to keep a cat hydrated.

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