6/1 Dyson AMPS 361 +3 272 +6 183 +9 150 PMPS 105 +2 150 +3 305

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    Apr 15, 2024
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    We're seeing a lot more blues, and his bounces aren't hitting nearly the highs they have been. He's definitely feeling a lot better.

    But now is where I'm starting to feel a little in the weeds with the TR.
    He doesn't seem to like the idea of consistent nadir timing. He has had his lowest numbers at +3, PMPS, and everywhere in between.
    Thinking we hold for a tenth cycle to let his body get over this little bounce he's on and then increase and hopefully watch him fly into the greens.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    I used to joke that Neko's Lantus nadir was anywhere from +3.5 to +13.:rolleyes: Cycles where they break a bounce tend to have later nadirs. That's what you saw today, until the next bounce started.

    There were a couple night cycles where the +3 was low blues and we don't know how low he went after that. Holding one more day is OK. You hold doses with nadirs under 200 for 6-10 cycles. I held longer for low blues, shorter for high blues.
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