01/10/20 Otto age 8 months diabetes. New with enough doubts ...

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    Jan 8, 2020
    Hi, my 8 month old cat was diagnosed diabetic 1 month ago. I've been giving him wet food for a few weeks but his glucose hasn't dropped. Yesterday I started with Prozinc 0.8 / 12h insulin and I'm really scared if there was any hypoglycemia. Please, I need guidance on how I should do it, where I can find a table to record the measurements. I'm from Spain and I don't speak English, Mr. Google helps me ...

    Yesterday values 10AM 335, insulin 0.8 units, +4 137, +6 348. 10PM 302 insulin 0.8 units, +4 200, +6 267.

    Values today 10AM 333, 0.8 units, +3 200, +5 185.

    In what value should not be injected? And I use glucometro bayer contour next. What value would hypoglycemia be with prozinc?

    U40 syringes how to make divisions to adjust doses?

    I appreciate any comments, this is surpassing me because my health is not very good.

    Thank you
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