? 01/05 Biscuit 157 AMPS +3 72 +5 65 +7 94 185 PMPS +2 185 How to get AMPS and PMPS to come down??

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    Well yesterday was a bit nerve wracking. We had Tickets to the NFL wild card game and so Biscuit led off with a 74 and was down to 52 by +1.5 when it was time to go... wound up giving him a larger dose of HC and then having someone come over and check on him and give another dose of HC 2 hours later. No idea what his numbers were which was very scary for me but I took comfort knowing he does react well to HC and that he is an early Nadir cat (most of the time). It wasn’t ideal but it worked out ok.

    So along those lines, I’m wondering where to go from here. His numbers on the 0.1 dose aren’t bad. Not as many greens as we were seeing on 0.25u but still he is going green. Now that we’re home and settled for a week I feel like I can trust his numbers. But his AMPS and PMPS numbers tell me he’s not ready for OTJ even if he his lows like yesterday could easily have dropped below 50. So... is there any protocol for this? Should we go back to 0.25 and work on feeding him a 7-10% carb food early in the cycle. (Presently all his food is 3 or under). Should we just stay at 0.1 and expect that eventually his AMPS and PMPS will come down too? Any experience out there to help us although I know ECID.
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    Pre-shot numbers are typically the last to fall into line. I think the PMPS from yesterday was the result of the HC, though.

    One of the things you can do to try to "work the numbers" is to try to prevent any further dose reductions. So, as you're testing, if you see that numbers are beginning to drop, steer the curve with food. You may want to use a bit of LC and see what the response is or use a small amount of MC or HC to bump up the numbers.

    With the 52 yesterday, I would be hesitant to increase the dose unless you do feed a diet that's higher in carbs.

    Another option is to not reduce unless numbers drop below 50 on three separate cycles.

    No matter which option you think will be best for Biscuit, I would try to prevent a dose reduction unless you are seeing normal numbers throughout the cycle.
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