Troubleshooting and How to Clean the Fresh Flow Fountain
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Common performance problems with the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain

  • not pumping
  • stopped working
  • pumping poorly
  • weak pumping
  • noisy pumping
  • gurgling noise

Hard water, dirt, hair, and food all may contribute to poor performance from your Petmate Fresh Flow fountain. Cleaning the fountain will usually restore its power and performance.

Troubleshooting and How To Clean the Fresh Flow Fountain

Problem: Fresh Flow pump is covered with lime scale due to hard water.

Solution: A weakened white vinegar solution will dissolve lime deposits.

  • Run vinegar solution through the system, refreshing until no more deposits are seen.
  • Clean the inside of the pump (below).
  • Maintain cleanliness with once-monthly 10 minute vinegar cleaning.
  • Use softened or bottled water if possible.

Problem: Fresh Flow pump stops working. Fresh Flow pump makes gurgling sounds.

Solution: The pump is likely clogged from hair, food, or dirt. Unplug the pump, and disassemble to clean.

How to Disassemble and Clean the Fresh Flow Fountain

Turn off the fountain and unplug the unit from the power source.

Empty the water from the fountain, and turn it over to access the pump. Remove the pump.

There is a seam where the arrows show. The top will pop off quite easily if pried with fingernail or sharp object along the seam.
Use fingernail to lift the small rounded tab. This cover will come off very easily.
The three white fins of the impeller. Gently lift out, be aware there is a magnet below and this can make it a little harder to lift out. It won't slip out simply by tipping it upside down. Handle carefully, damaging the fins of the impeller or the shaft the magnet spins on will throw things out of balance, cause vibration and ultimately make the fountain noisy and reduce the life of the pump.

Totally taken apart. Cleaning the cylinder the and where the impeller magnet sits in can improve the flow greatly.

While you are cleaning the pump, consider replacing the Fresh Flow filter to improve taste and cleanliness.

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