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How to Use the FDMB:

FDMB Troubleshooting:

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How to Use the FDMB


It isn't necessary to register to read most of the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB), but unregistered users will not be allowed to post on the Board. Also, the Community Forum is not open to non-registered users. Community refers to the community of registered users. You are welcome to join us, though! There are some strange people out there though and registration helps us protect you and our community. We won't share any of your personal information, won't harrass you (unless you deserve it!!!), and don't mean to be contrary.

To register, click "Log In" on the information ("GoTo") bar. For first time users, next click on "Not registered?" and the instructions should be obvious. If you are having problems registering or logging in, email the webmaster and complain or leave a message on the Tech Forum of the FDMB.

Although the Message Board software will let you register a user name that includes commas and other special characters, please avoid using these characters, especially commas and single quotation marks. It can interfere with the use of the Private Message (PM) function. Similarly, please select a name with at least 3 characters in it.

Profiles: Please create a profile about yourself and your cat, including any information relevant to your treatment of feline diabetes. Our users refer to these profiles when reading your questions—having all the relevant information available all the time makes it easier on them and you.

Creating a Profile is very easy: Go to “My Control Center,” listed at the top of the post message box or at the top of a Forum list. Select “View/Create Profile.” You can add a signature that will appear with every post. You can upload photos of your cat, display links, post glucose curves, etc. in the Notes section.

Venita and Maxwell have posted some profile suggestions previously on the FDMB that you can review here. Thanks, Venita!

Jamie and Boots have also made profiles and BG (blood glucose) tables a bit easier for everyone. Check out the SugarCat Profiler at http://www.felinediabetes.com/phorum5/profile.php?9,4819 and also at http://fdmbcoolification.blogspot.com. The BG Tamer is at http://fdmbcoolification.blogspot.com.

BACK UP YOUR PROFILE FREQUENTLY! If you lose your profile, it cannot be recovered from FDMB backup files.

Pick a name to be known by on the Board and that will be the name displayed with your posts and in your profile. You'll notice most users post with their first name plus their cat's name(s), making it easier to distinguish among all the people with the same first names. User names are spacing and capitalization sensitive. Write down your username/password, or use a very easy one to remember! Don't forget to add a link to any personal pages if you like. Using commas and single quotes in your username is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED! Doing so will make some features of the FDMB much harder to use.

You can view other people's profile by clicking on their blue highlighted name in the header of the message.

Searching: You can search messages for keywords that you enter. As obvious as it sounds, be sure to set the correct search options. If you're looking for something that was posted days ago - adjust your searches options accordingly!

Adding Links to messages and profiles: If you type in a URL including http:// , our messaging software will automatically display a link. The link will look abbreviated when you post your message, but it is all there. Check it out in Preview mode. For example, typing http://felinediabetes.com in the text of your message will look like [felinediabetes.com] when your message is posted.

Photo Gallery:


To put pictures in the Photo Gallery:

  • Click on PHOTO GALLERY in the index box at the top of any FDMB page.
  • Login or register if you haven't yet.
  • Once you are logged in, a menu will display on the left of your screen. Have fun!

Adding Photos to messages and profiles: To attach a photo to a message, simply click on the ATTACH button displayed at the bottom of the message box. In the next dialog box displayed, click BROWSE. This will take you to the files on your computer. Locate and highlight the photo file you want to upload. The file and its path will then be displayed in the FDMB dialog box. Click ATTACH again and you will have a link to your photo displayed at the end of your message.

To put pictures in your Profile or your signature:

This is by far the most frequently asked question on the Tech forum.

  • Download Picasa from the link at the upper right of this page. It's free and the FDMB gets $1 if you do: PICASA
  • Use Picasa to crop and shrink your photo and keep it looking good. Try for a final size of just under 15K for your signature, or 50K for the gallery. Illustrated directions here
  • Follow Lasse's illustrated directions to actually post the images: [felines.americats.com]

Notice that any file you upload cannot be bigger than 50K. If your file is larger, you should use photo editing software to make the picture file size as small as possible.

The file is now uploaded to the FDMB Gallery and you can see it on the page.

Right-Click on the picture you added and choose Properties, and you can copy the url shown as "Address" or "Location" in the properties list.(In Firefox/Mozilla you can also right click on the image and choose Copy Image Location and paste the copied link so it looks like below. It will differ in the numbers that are shown. See the bold marking below.)

Picture in Signature:Copy your link between the " " below.
<img src="http://www.felinediabetes.com/gallery/Steve:1123050418.jpg">
and add the link in your "Edit Signature" page. Remember that this is an example and your file name will vary in the numbers that are marked in bold.

You might want to consider reducing the file size in kb to make things easier for the ones on dial-up internet connections.A size of about 7-10 kb will most of the times result in a good signature picture.

Limit images in your signature to 15K total. That means if you put 3 photos in, they have to be 5K each.And you also might want to consider to add the signature only once in a thread.

Limit images in your signature to 15K total. That means if you put 3 photos in, they have to be 5K each. And you also might want to consider to add the signature only once in a thread.

Here is an illustrated tutorial on how to reduce your picture size, using the free Picasa 2. Here is a link with some "Xemico" software to help you reduce picture sizes: Reduce file size . Other programs will do the same thing.

Picture inside a post:If you want the picture to show up in the message, it is similar to adding it to your signature; add it to your gallery as above and add this in your post:
<img src="http://www.felinediabetes.com/gallery/Steve:1123050418.jpg">
Remember that this is an example and your file name will vary in the numbers that are marked in bold.

Here is the link to Basic HTML from Amanda. You may also look at Text Formatting below for just a few simple HTML commands.

If you just want to test how the picture will look then click on the Preview button.

Captions:You can also do things like this:
<br><img src="http://felinediabetes.com/phorum5/file.php?9,file=722" width=80><br><I>There's NEVER a camera around when I catch a big one!</I>

The <br> indicates a line break, and the <I> is italic font for the caption. The result is:

There's NEVER a camera around when I catch a big one!

Editing/Erasing Messages: Editing is simple. If you are in preview mode, just change your text. If you have already posted and don't like your message, simply go to the OPTIONS bar at the bottom of the message and click "Edit." Note that you must be logged in to the site to edit your post. Also, you can only edit your own posts.

Erasing the entire message is possible, too, but you will be left with an empty post. If you want all evidence of your post removed, you will need to mail the webmaster with the date of the post and ask for the entire post to be removed. These are the formatting codes you can use and their result:

Text Formatting: You can add formatting to your text by either using HTML. Use the preview function or the "View My Profile" feature to test the formatting.

For example, entering:

<b>I want this text to be bold </b>
would result in
I want this text to be bold

Remember to use BOTH the opening and the closing code! If you forget to close, all messages below yours will be affected!

These are the formatting codes you can use and their results:

<b>This makes text bold </b> This makes text bold
<i>This makes text italic </i> This makes text italic
<code>This created "preformatted" text for curves </code> This created "preformatted" text for curves
<center>This centers the text </center>
This centers the text
<font color=red>This makes text red. Make it black again with <font color=black> and it will be black again. This makes text red. Make it black again with and it will be black again.

FDMB View Options:

Cookies: After your initial visit the board will remember your user settings by using a "cookie" - a tiny file that Web sites use to identify users and their preferences. The following preferences are remembered by this cookie. Should you change computers, clear your cookies, etc, you'll need to post again using your user name to get a new cookie.

How Many Message are Viewed: You may adjust the default number of messages to view in the preferences. The default is fairly low, and we recommend that if you change it to see older messages that you change it back to a low value. This will speed up the board because you're viewing a shorter index.

FDMB Troubleshooting:

"Invalid Password" Error: You do not have to enter a user name and password to post. However, if you'd like to use all the options of the FDMB, including creating a profile & editing posts & reading the Community Forum, you will need to use a password & username. Please pick something easy to remember.

If you get the message "invalid password" and you have never used a password, that means that the particular name you are attempting to use is reserved (through a password) by someone else.

Solution: Choose a different name, or a different spelling, or add a number, etc. Instead of "Jane" you could choose "Jane and Socks" or "Jane & Socks".

FDMB Doesn't "Remember" Me: The message board remembers your username and which posts you have viewed by sending you a "cookie" which stores your settings on your computer. Should you change computers, or disable cookies, you'll have to tell the board who you are again.

To do this, just post a message with your username and password, and the board will send you a new cookie.

The FDMB Thinks I'm Someone Else: Post a new message, but instead of the default name that it supplies, erase it and put a new name. If that one is taken as well, try again. You may get the above "invalid password" error. If so, follow those directions.

I can't remember my user name/I can't remember my password: You must post using the EXACT spelling of your user name. If you can't remember the spelling, and you are using a name that you used on the old (pre-November 2004) board, go to the profile archive and view the profiles. Your profile should be there

If you are a new user and can't remember your user name, you will have to email the webmaster and wait for a reply.

Note: If the spelling is "Jane amp Socks" that is really "Jane & Socks".

If you can't remember your password, simply type in your email address on the log in page and a new password will be sent to you. After you log in with the new password, you can go to "MY CONTROL CENTER" when you are on a forum and then change your password to whatever you like.

Profiles Won't Load/Links Won't Load/Messages Won't Load: Pop-up blocking software and "Internet accelerator" software often causes problems in this area. You can usually override pop-up blocking software by pressing CTRL while clicking on the link.

For other cases, refer to your software for disabling instructions.

Profile Error Message: "Profile not accepted; another profile with same name and email already exists."

There are multiple reasons you could receive this message.

1) You could be trying to use a name that is already taken by someone else. See the above information about changing your name.

2) If you are using the exact same spelling you always use for your user name, then the problem is that the board isn't recognizing you. This could happen because you cleared your cookies, or because you're on a different computer from the one you usually use. To get re-recognized, follow the instructions above for "Help! The board doesn't remember me when I log back on!"

After you are re-recognized, then you may select "edit profile" from the board's options as normal.

If you don't know your password anymore, and therefore can not use the above method, you'll have to nicely ask the webmaster to have your profile deleted manually. This will allow you to make a new name, and new password. Make sure that you include your current user name when contacting the webmaster.

My Profile Doesn't Appear on the List: The profiles only appear of people that have posted recently. Once you post again, your profile will again be available.

Changing your Profile (User) Name: First, log in under your current name. Then go to "My Control Panel" and select "edit profile" and change your email address to a fictitious one (for example, add a 1 to the beginning of your email address) and save that. Log out, then go back to log in. This time, click "Not registered yet?" and enter the new profile/user name and password that you want. Finally, edit the profile again and replace the email address, and add more text if you wish. Save that, and you're done.

FDMB Guidelines and Etiquette:

Use the navigation at top to reach the etiquette file, or click here

No advertising of businesses or offering items for sale. FelineDiabetes.com must sell advertising and products to pay for the high costs of running this entire site, so please don't steal our site resources to advertise your site or product. If you need advertising solutions, please view our advertising information.

All site content, including that on the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB), is copyrighted. You may not use content or data from the Feline Diabetes Message Board for any research, informational, or educational reasons without express permission from FelineDiabetes.com. If you wish to collect data for any such projects, you must receive written permission. Data remains the property of FelineDiabetes.com even if you are allowed to use it.

Violators of these terms of use will be banned from access.

FDMB Disclaimer Information:

The Feline Diabetes Message Board is provided to diabetic cat owners who wish to exchange news and information regarding feline diabetes. This site is by and for cat owners and information contained within is not verified for accuracy. Opinions and advice expressed on the board are from cat caretakers and should never be construed to be professional advice. Always consult your veterinarian before treating your cat.

The Feline Diabetes Web Site is a PERSONAL site, provided to the public by the owner of a cat with diabetes. As such, the owner of the site may arbitrarily change the rules of use at any time. The owner may also arbitrarily decide to remove any messages that she does not wish associated with her personal site.

If you have reviewed this page and your problem is not solved, please contact us.

Revised April 5, 2008

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