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Carol Notermann

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Finding FDMB

© 2004 By Carol Notermann


Alone I heard the words I’d feared, alone and terrified.

Did no one know or understand, I cursed the tears I cried.

I’ll beat this thing, I’ll prove them wrong for he is my best friend

There has to be some help somewhere, this cannot be the end.


The vet had been so cavalier, explaining choices to be made.

I’d heard his words, but in my brain, too few of them had stayed.

I ran to my computer, typed in the word I’d heard

As I hit “search” I trembled, for I hated that darn word.


The list popped up, and there I saw, that I was not alone.

I clicked on one, and read the text, but those words too had flown.

Then next I clicked, a message board, with others just like me.

I typed the words, “I’m just so scared, I’m crying and can’t see.”


Within a minute, maybe two, I was welcomed with a (hug).

They said to simply take a breath, my heart, it felt a tug.

For here were others just like me, they seemed to understand.

No one said to PTS, they said they’d lend a hand.


Thus guided by the “experts” that had no vet degree

I learned about this thing I feared, they took each step with me.

They told me of the blood tests, how to poke his little ears.

I learned of its importance, to shoot and have no fears.


I learned to simply trust my “gut”, and that I knew my cat.

I learned to treat a “hypo”, my testing spotted that.

I’ve cried tears of joy with others, and also tears of pain.

We are a world-wide family, we cheer each others gain.


And now, just four months later, my guy is lying at my feet,

Our lives are back to “normal”, and the path was not too steep.

For with the help of all my friends here on FDMB

I know that I am not alone, and that’s enough for me.









For the Friends I’ve Never Met
©2004 By Carol Notermann

I thought, last spring that I was just a woman all alone
I thought that in my sadness, my friends had all but flown.
For everyone was saying, “Oh my goodness he’s a cat.”
But all I knew was he was sick, and I had to deal with that!

And now I am surrounded by friends, both far and near
And linked through my computer, they’re with me when I fear.
We follow “Pay it Forward” for we’ve all needed help
And on the OT Board we worry, when a puppy gives a yelp.

There are those who give “expert” advise, and others simply pray.
The ((Hugs)) that are passed on here, mean more than words can say.
I want to help those filled with fear, I want to “teach” another vet
And most of all I just give thanks, for the friends I’ve never met

I’m A Cat

©2004 by Carol  Notermann


I’m a cat, and I have attitude, at least that’s what I’m told.

But last year, didn’t feel too well, but not because I’m old.

I was just a little tired, really hungry, thirsty all the time.

I’m not old you understand, but a little past my prime.


I used to take such great delight in chasing everything.

But for a while, I simply watched when Mommy played with string.

My Mommy took me to the vet, and really seemed quite scared.

The words he said upset her, but I’m so glad she cared.


She came home and told our family that things would have to change.

She’s moved their food to way up high.  It’s past my jumping range.

And now she’s giving me, in my own dish, a different type of food

I sniffed, it didn’t smell the same, I showed my attitude.


But Mommy sat and talked to me.   She explained the reasons why

So I’ll make her very happy, and I’ll eat it and not cry.

And then she went on line and looked up a bunch of things

She found a site, she likes a lot, that comfort to her brings.


It’s called FDMB, whatever that could mean.

And since she’s found those people, her smile again does beam.

I’m getting shots and blood tests, and trying to be good.

Cause when she says I’m better, she always knocks on wood.


There’s this thing that’s called a” h*n*ym**n” that she so wants to see

But prays that I can regulate, whatever that may be

She says she’ll just keep keeping on and I should not be afraid

She cuddles me and pets me lots, when in her lap I’ve laid.


I’m a cat, and I have attitude, at least that’s what I’m told.

But now I feel much better, as I told you, I’m not old.

In fact, I look so pretty now, my coat a shinny one

I think today, I owe myself, a long nap in the sun.


(The little cat lies sleeping, in his spot right in the sun

His Mommy’s on FDMB, and talks to everyone.

And Mommy baked a catnip cake, to celebrate year one!)




Dear God,


I hear my human beans talk to You at night

I’m not sure just how this works.  I hope I do all right.

You see my bean is really scared, the vet they took me to

Said words that made them want to cry.  I don’t know what to do.


They’re really scared and hug me tight, and wonder if they will

Do all the things they have to do to get me through and still

Some people try to tell them, to just let me go to sleep

I know it’s not a nap they mean, cause all they did was weep.


They stick my ear and make it bleed, then look down upon a thing

That tells them things they need to know, before my food they’ll bring.

Then after I have eaten and settled for a nap

They stick me with this pointy thing.   It’s just a little zap.


Now since this all’s been going on, I’m feeling so much better.

I thought that You could help me, so I’m writing You this letter.

Please let my beans know I will do all that I can do

To let them know just how I feel and that I love them too.


Now thank you God, and please take care of all my family

As they struggle to protect, and take good care of me.


Love me,

(Just a little kitty, and I know You know my name.)


© by Carol Notermann


Thank You For This Year!


Please grant me words of wisdom, to calm and clear the air

Of this great site, that taught me that strangers really care.

When I hit search that fateful night almost a year ago

I first received a hug, from someone I did not know.


They told me that the chances were great that he’d be fine

They told me just to take a breath, and then asked me to define

Just what the vet had told me, and what the vet said he should eat.

 I answered all their questions, I didn’t skip a beat.


I said Charlie was to take a pill, and no one put me down.

No one said that I was wrong, and no one showed a frown.

They said to just keep coming back, and keep them all updated.

Thus I‘ve come back so many times, I went to sleep elated.


I came back with each small victory…   and even in defeat.

I came back and you were patient and helped me stand on my two feet.

I learned so much from all of you, I learned to “shoot” my cat

And even though I fought it, home testing followed that.


Then very, very slowly, I started saying “Hi” to someone new on line.

I’d welcome them and tell them that “things would be just fine”.

Then someone, very sweetly sent an e-mail just to me.

She nicely pointed out that I -- could not “give that guarantee.”


Her words were very gentle, said in the nicest way

I knew that she was oh so right, for it was not good for me to say.

For even though we try so hard to help each well loved cat

We cannot give a guarantee that all will work, if we do this and then do that.


Though ‘Every Cat Is Different’, we’re pretty much the same.

For most of us are here because, we care when even one more name

Is followed by a (GA), and each one of us sheds tears

And each and every one of us will feel the loss for years.


This site is such special site, and all who take the time

To give a newbie some advice, and me a silly rhyme.

Thank you all for all you’ve done, to help “sweet” Chuck and me.

Please know that I am grateful, that with your help, he’s still with me!



©2005 Carol Notermann  (& Charlie too!)







Who say’s we’re not family?

(Written during the Hurricanes of 2004

Many of our members live in Florida.)


© By Carol Notermann


“Be Careful”, and then “Please be Safe” the words went out on Friday.

FDMB throughout  the world, took time to quickly pray.

Then each alone, in their safe world, watched TV screens together

Our eyes were trying hard to catch the news and then the weather.


On Saturday, oh yes thank God, we’ve heard the first is fine.

We keep our eyes fixed on the screen, who’ll be the next on line

And in the mean time, scared newbie’s keep us at our task

With just a glance to see who’s on, THEN answer questions asked.


Now Sunday’s dawned, and still a few have not checked in at all

At 4:00 a.m., I join a few who tip toe down the hall

To just sign in and check the screen to see if there is word

Of those we haven’t heard from yet, we know the Lord has heard.


For each of us, in our own way, will keep the light on till

We know that our whole family is safe and then we will

Break out the “tunaitas”, the chocolate and the wine

We’ll keep our eyes glued to the screen, till we hear that all are fine.









The Decision

©2005 by Carol Notermann


I know I couldn’t do it, I know I’m selfish as can be

Oh Lord please do not leave the decision up to me.

You know how much I love him. You know how much I care

I simply couldn’t do it, and I know that it’s not fair.


He trusts me when it’s shot time, he trusts me to be wise

To give him the dose that’s needed.  I see it in his eyes.

I’ve promised him that I will always do my very best,

But Lord please don’t have me decide, it’s time for him to rest.


But Lord if there should come a day when all he has is pain.

And I see that all our medicine won’t give him a life again.

Then let me hold him one last time, let him be with me.

Let me kiss his little head, and help me to set him free.











A Kitty’s Conversation

© 2004 By Carol Notermann


“Where’s Mommy?”   The wee small cat, asked the One who lifted it.

“She’ll be along.” His voice replied.  “We’ll only wait a bit.”


“But she was holding me and crying.  I felt her shoulders shake.”

“I know. You see, she made a choice, the hardest she could make.”


“But I went to sleep inside her arms?” the little cat replied.

His voice was soft, “I know, and that was why she cried.”


“I stood beside your Mommy, when the vet was bending down.

I gave her strength to hold you, as her tears fell all around”


“Will you stay with me till Mommy comes?” the kitty asked the Man.

“I’ll be here each day to see you, until she comes to you again.”


“For right beside that Rainbow Bridge, is where dogs and kitties wait,

And when you’re human’s time has come, I’ll take you both on through the gate.”





A Rainbow Path

© 2004 (by Carol Notermann)


I could hear you say my name, in your very gentle way.

You told me that it was all right, I didn’t have to stay.

I was getting very tired, and the pain was leaving too

I closed my eyes a second, and a field came into view.


I still could hear you talking, but you seemed quite far away

Though I longed to be beside you, I just couldn’t seem to stay

For one moment I was with you, and the next I’m running free

I turned my head and there were others, running next to me.


We ran together through the field, and birdies filled the sky.

We chased and played together, then I turned and wondered why?

Why were you not behind me?  I wondered where you went.

Then someone was beside me, and He had a lovely scent.


He petted me and told me that I simply had to wait.

That before I ‘d time to miss you, you’d be coming through the gate. 

He said that very loyal pets, were granted special space

To wait for those who loved them, to see again their face.


So please, know I am waiting with dogs and cats, and many more

For the day that I can see again the face that I adore.

It’s really such a lovely place, there’s no sickness and no pain.

I’ll be so very filled with joy when I see you once again.


Thank you for setting me free.





Dear Mom,


I’m just about to take a nap, for I’ve been running free.

I was chasing butterflies, and one small bumble bee.

I’ve rolled around in catnip, I’ve climbed high in a tree

And now I’ll rest all cuddled up with others just like me.


I’m in a truly lovely place, it’s right by Heaven’s gate.

I’m not alone, and I am told this is the place to wait.

I’ve told everyone about you, they said you won’t be late.

That though on earth long years will pass, I’ll meet you by the gate.


There’s a bridge we’ll cross together, it has a rainbow hue

And really it’s so pretty here, that all I miss is you.

So please don’t think about the things you did or didn’t do

It was my time to find the bridge, so please do not feel blue.


I’m sorry that I left so fast, with just a kiss good-bye.

But I’ve enclosed a “head butt” and a slow blink of my eye.

Take care of all my family and tell them that I’ll try

To be the one that greets them first, when they come, by and by.


Love and thanks for being such a good mom,


Your “Sweet” Kitty


© by Carol Notermann




The Ridge

© 2004 By Carol Notermann


It’s been such a lovely summer, I’ve been napping in the sun.

This morning, other cats and I enjoyed a long long run.

We chased butterflies together.  I climbed high into a tree.

 And now I think what woke me up was that small bumble bee.


I’ve yawned and stretched, and still I feel that something has begun.

He’s standing there in robes of white, and telling me to come.

I always run to Him you know, when He comes across the bridge

To see if we’re all having fun and if we’ve checked the ridge.


He gives tummy rubs to all of us and pets and cuddles too

I’m glad to see Him every day, when He comes into view.

Each day He takes a different cat, and chats with them a while

Then off that kitty starts to run.  I swear they seem to smile.


But now He’s stopped in front of me.  He’s said a name I know.

He said to look out towards the ridge.  The sun is setting low.

I start to walk out toward the ridge, and then what’s that I see.

IT’S YOU!  IT’S YOU!  It’s really you.  You’ve come to be with me!


My goodness you are running and I am running too!

You stop to bend, but I can jump and now I am with you.

I feel your kisses on my head, as I did in long off days

You’re holding me and hugging me, and into your eyes I gaze.


And now He’s walking with us, as you carry me once more

We’ve crossed the bridge together.  We’re here at Heaven’s door.

And He has held it open, and told us to walk through

That from now on and forever, I can always be with you.


Christmas Eve at Rainbow Bridge

©2004 by Carol Notermann


There's a story told each Christmas Eve to "fur-babies" gone ahead.

They gather close around Him, some even bow their head.

There beside the Rainbow Bridge, He talks of long ago.

He talks about His birthday; His voice is soft and low.


He doesn’t talk of Wise Men, who came to see his face.

He talks about the animals that inhabited the place.

There were oxen, there were camels, and of course, there were the sheep.

And in a straw filled corner, cuddled up and fast asleep,

Was a lost sweet tiny kitten, who had wandered in that night.

He’d found the simple stable, since one star had shown so bright.


This tiny little kitten, opened wide his eyes and saw

A lovely little baby sleeping near him on the straw.

He went to get a better look, at the infant lying there

And watched His mother place her hand, upon the baby’s hair.


He remembered his own mother, how she’d lick his little head

And hoped she wouldn’t worry cause he wasn’t in his bed.

Then this infant started moving, and looked him in the eye.

The kitten felt all filled with love, and softly he did sigh.


He crept closer to the baby, and cuddled close to Him.

“I’ll keep Him warm” the kitten thought, “no harm will come to Him.”

So through the night the kitten kept his watch close to the child

And was lulled to sleep by angel’s songs of a child so meek and mild.


As dawn came to the stable, the mother saw the kitten there

She picked him up and cuddled him, and thanked him for his care.

Then as they packed to go away, the kitten now a part

Of this most Holy family, he loved with all his heart.


Thus with this family he stayed, and had a special place

Playing with the Little One, and paw patting His sweet face.

When kitty's time on earth grew short, and his body was quite weak.

The child he’d warmed long years ago, held him close and He did speak.


“I’ll make a special place for you and other pets that have great love

  I’ll create it in a Rainbow, with a bridge to Heaven’s gate above.

Others soon will join you, to play and wait with you

And when their human’s time has come - then they can join us too.”


Thus Rainbow Bridge Began . . .


The Spirit of the Homeless Cat

© 2004 By Carol Notermann


The Spirit of the homeless cat peaked in a window pane.

The cat inside napped by a fire, while she felt only rain.

It made her cold and still she looked upon the scene inside

She wondered just how it would feel, to not always have to hide.


The Spirit of the homeless cat, moved on to the next home

She watched as this cat ate his food, he didn’t have to roam.

Her one great dream, to just feel love, started up again inside

How would it feel to know such love, she thought and then she sighed.


The Spirit of the homeless cat, moved further down the street

The rain had stopped and by one house she heard a sound so bleak.

She peaked in through the sliding door, a woman sat there all alone

She was packing up a kitty’s things, and softly she did moan.


She saw a kitty angel, sitting by the woman’s chair, 

The woman talked as if she knew, the kitty angel was right there.

The Spirit of the homeless cat, the kitty angel had just seen

And through the night it told its mom, while talking in a dream


The scared and frightened homeless cat, awoke to yet another day

She heard the humans coming; she so didn’t want to stay

Inside this cage, where she was fed, but no one had the time

To love on her and hold her close or sing a little rhyme.


But the woman from her dream last night was really standing there

The woman stopped and looked at her, the kitty said a prayer.

Then suddenly and not a dream, she was in the woman’s lap

The woman talked to her about, a chair where she could nap.


That night the cat and woman sat playing on the floor,

The angel kitty’s toys were strewn right by the sliding door.

Together they did fall asleep, each feeling their new love

And there beside the rainbow bridge a kitty angel smiled above.