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I. Information Sheets for Your Pet Sitter

Be sure to leave all the valuable information with your pet sitter when you are out of town. To help, here are some sheets that you can download, fill in, then place in plastic protectors and leave for your sitter. The file is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) form, so if you need the free Acrobat Reader, the link is provided.

Download the pet sitter sheets

II. Finding a Pet Sitter

Your pet sitter may be a neighbor, a friend, a fellow sugar cat owner. It's always nice to be able to trade services. However, you may also want to find a professional pet sitter. Your vet should have some recommendations and you can also seek professionals in your area by using a web site reference, such as these listed below:

  • - The Professional United Pet Sitters with 3600 professional pet sitting members. The site includes an easy to use pet sitter directory & locator.

Last updated 3/23/08
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