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Diabetic cats (and non-diabetic!) generally should have high protein, low carbohydrate diets. Prescription and specialty foods tend to be very expensive, so many people feed Fancy Feast as an alternative. Another "baddie" that is often found in wet cat food is wheat gluten. Any cat with bowel problems should avoid wheat gluten and it is probably not good for ANY cat. According to information from veterinarian Lisa, wheat gluten is highly allergenic and also hooks onto to the intestinal lining and really harms the gut tract.

Fancy Feast flavors containing NO wheat gluten and below 10% carbs are the CLASSIC varieties. Fancy Feast changes label designs often so look for the word CLASSIC on the label rather than a specific color at first.

*Remember that it is a good idea to limit serving fish to just a few times a week as fish may contain high mercury levels.

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