Survivor: The Feline AIDS and Diabetes Version

Chapter 28 - Life Goes on, For Some of Us

July, 2004

Three years since an entry. That is a reflection of how busy we've been in Colorado. Having all the animals under one roof took a lot of adjustment, but we have done it. And now that we are without Homer, it seems especially easy. Well, as easy as it gets with a dog. I still think four cats are a lot less work than one dog.

Homer went to Rainbow Bridge in October 2003. He had very few problems with his FIV (Feline Aids) except for persistent sinus infections and, of course, the blindness. We never really figured out if he sneezed on us because of the sinus infections or if he picked up the sneezing routine from Riley Dawg. We most definitely do not miss that disgusting habit! Homer himself is deeply missed and is mourned on a daily basis. His photo is my screen saver and some days I turn on my monitor and nearly start crying at the site of Homer.

OK, I was going to write about Ripley, in her 7th year of diabetes, but now I am caught up in Homer memories. All my cats are wonderful, but Homer was truly special among the special. Rather than get too maudlin over the Big Blind Guy, I will try to write about Ripley later

Blind but still enjoying the sun.

Homer the Great, in his prime.

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