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Electric water fountains keep your cat's water circulating, aerated, and clean. Periodically you'll need to clean them to maintain their performance. We suggest a full cleaning, and replacing their carbon filters.

Cat Electric Water Fountain Reviews
There are many different fountains on the market. Our performance reviews help you select the best fountain for your cat.

Cleaning the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain
Improve performance with our detailed photos, troubleshooting and cleaning instructions.

Replace the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain's Filter
Make your own replacement filter for longer life and save money.

Algae problems?
If your fountain grows algae despite cleaning, try putting it in a place with less sunlight. If you can't do this, consider an anti-algae growth additive that you can purchase for aquariums. Make sure there are no warnings on the product about dangers to non-fish animals.

Health Benefits of Cat Fountains
Is a fountain simply pampering your cat? Actually, your cat may be avoiding the normal water dish due to stagnation, putting them at a higher risk for urinary tract infections.

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