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Rebecca Price, the founder of, has provided hosting and web site services at no charge to users. As the site has grown, costs have risen astronomically.

We don't spam you, and we try to limit any ads to the absolute minimum. As a result, we accept donations to "keep the lights on!"

Donations are accepted, of course, including small monthly automatic payments. In addition, periodically there are items for sale on the site to help with the costs. (See below for the FDMB calendars!) It is a constant struggle and very time intensive to fund and run this site, so any help that users can provide is much appreciated.

Please see if any of the fund raising options below will fit into your budget. Thank you very much!

Monthly Subscription

Enroll in an automatic recurring monthly donation using your credit/debit card, bank account, or PayPal. You may select from three low subscription amounts, including dime-a-day support.

The button below will take you to a more detailed description and you can select your options.

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Individual Donations

Some people prefer to make donations in the amount of their choice. This can be a one time donation or whenever you have some extra funds. Amount and frequency do not matter. You can send personal checks, use your bank bill pay, or money orders to Feline Diabetes USA (see below) or use PayPal. The support of many adds up!

Other Fundraisers!

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser that could help the FDMB stay afloat? Reach out! Send email to Robert - or message Robert and Echo on the FDMB.

Thank you!!! Check on FDMB to get the latest information on these awesome yearly events!

Thank you immensely for all the help to making FDMB a loving, helpful place in this rocky sea!