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  1. Sharon Wood

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    Jul 4, 2020
    Hello, I am new to the message board. I am writing because I currently work for a vet, and my cat, who was in remission for about 7 years, is diabetic again.

    I started him on 2 units of vetsulin twice daily this past Monday. I have noticed he hasn't been drinking as much water, therefore not urinating as much as he was prior to the diagnosis. However, he does still seem lethargic.

    I am going to test him tonight, before giving insulin, but I am thinking about asking my Dr. if we can switch him to Lantus. He was on Lantus previous to going into remission.

    Can I please get your input?
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  2. Deb & Wink

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Lantus is a much longer lasting insulin (duration), 12-14 hours in most cats than the Vetsulin (aka Caninsulin).

    Vetsulin usually only lasts 8-10 hours duration in most cats. Lantus can last the full 12 hour cycle, and into the next cycle for some cats.

    Go with the Lantus, in my opinion. It gives you a better chance of regulation and a better chance at a second remission. Window is tighter for that second remission, but people have done it, and there have even been some members who have gotten their cat into remission a third or fourth time.

    You probably want to read the "Sticky" or pinned posts, at the top of the Lantus / Basaglar (glargine) and Levemir (detemir) forum. Lots of good information there for you to read.

    And order the lantus from Marks Marine Pharmacy.

    If your cat has ketones, than the faster acting insulin like Vetsulin is appropriate until you get him stabilized, or at least manage the ketones.

    SS and signature data would be very helpful.

    p.s. Feline Health forum is where new members should start their first post, until they get experience under their belt.
    The ISG (Insulin Support Group) forums are more lightly trafficked.
    Being a holiday weekend, there are even fewer people than usual on the message board this weekend.
    Hope that helps.

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