? Tux PS in the 400s and staying above 300...help

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  1. Deb&Tiki

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    Apr 7, 2022
    Wondering about increasing his dose or should I try a different insulin? He seems to be not responding to increased doses. It doesn't even look like the small doses of R are doing much anymore. Feeling very lost and starting to wonder if there's something else happening (besides Budesonide for suspected IBD) to cause his bgs to remain so high despite more insulin. Thanks for any advice.

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  2. Bandit's Mom

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    Oct 18, 2019
    Link to previous post:

    Are you feeding any dry? If not, you want to switch to TR where you can make dose changes faster. Even with SLGS, you are holding doses too long. It's been 10 day on 3.5U.

    Any chance of switching to a different food? If duck is the protein that works for him, maybe a low carb option in that?

    I'm going to tag @Wendy&Neko since you are dealing with IBD/SCL and using R.
  3. Wendy&Neko

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    Feb 28, 2012
    You are holding doses too long. With SLGS, you hold the dose for 7 days and if nadirs aren't in the 90-149 range (which they aren't), you increase by 0.25 units. Keeping him too long at a dose that keeps him in high numbers allows glucose toxicity to develop - meaning his body gets used to those higher numbers. And you need to give even more insulin.

    The carb food is also contributing to the need for more insuiln.

    You also commented that the night of the 6th he might not have gotten all his dose. That would also cause higher numbers.

    Under who's guidance are you using the R? Just wondering if you have an R scale.

    @Bandit's Mom He's getting Royal Canin Select Protein which is 16% and high carb wet. Meaning SLGS is the dosing method.
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  4. Deb&Tiki

    Deb&Tiki New Member

    Apr 7, 2022
    Thanks for your help. I will increase him to 3.75u. The vet said small doses of R could be used when he is above 400 to help with the food spike but I don't have an R scale.

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