Suggestions on How to Stimulate Kitty's Appetite

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Copied from a post written several years ago by FDMB member, Cheryl and Winnie:

    Remember -- getting to the bottom of why he is not eating is most important. That way you can treat the underlying cause ( or symptoms of underlying cause) . It is always very important to get cats to eat, as they can quickly develop hepatic lipidosis from lack of food.

    Here are some things you can do do entice your cat to eat:

    -sometimes in order to get a cat to eat you even have to resort to dry it is more important that they eat. there are a couple low carb / grain free brands -- EVO and wellness core.

    -making a buffet to give him choices
    - heating food

    sprinkle food with :
    - forta flora -- a probiotic you can get at vets or online. is very smelly and cats love the taste of it.
    - parm. cheese
    - smashed crumbles of dry food
    - bonito tuna flakes
    - halo chicken treats -- crumble into dust over food -- my Wolfie loves this stuff.
    - poor a little water from tuna in water over food ( I use low sodium/no sodium added as other kinds in water has veg. broth in it and I assume that means onions, which are toxic to cats-- check labels)
    -powdered oregano. yep sounds weird . but some cats like it and it will entice them to eat.

    other ideas of foods to offer your kitty to stim appy:
    - trader joe tuna for cats
    -baby food -- beechnut turkey and broth or chicken and broth. they have no onions or other additives. some babyfoods have onions . please read labels if you can't find beechnut.
    - kentucky fried chicken
    - deli turkey /chicken
    - plain cooked ( boiled or baked ) chicken breast
    -canned chicken for people (watch the label that their are no onions)
    - chicken broth -- low sodium

    If enticements don't work, you should consider:
    -assist feeding ( syringe or make little meatballs and place in mouth)
    -and/or talking to your vet about appetite stimulents ( mirtazapine or cyproheptidine)

    and if those fail talking to your vet about feeding tubes
    - Here is Dr. Lisa's link on feeding tubes :

    Cheryl w/civies Quincy & Lucy , and forever in spirit, Winnie and Wolfie <3

    My Furred Loves :
    Winnie (5/1/90-8/13/09)
    FD dx 12/05 Lantus and R insulins

    Wolfie (6/9/91-6/21/10)
    civie extraordinaire
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