Remission since Dec 2020 now with food allergies

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    Oct 12, 2020
    Peabody has been doing well since OTJ in 12/2020, but has been having episodes of itchiness with his ears and cheeks. If looking back at most of his life he probably has been having mild allergic reactions to the Fancy Feast food (as that is all he's ever eaten). There have many episodes of itchiness and excessive ear wax. Most recently though, he has worn away the fur and whiskers and has some scabbing, this is the worst I've seen him related to itchiness, rubbing and scratching. My vet is recommending 5mg Prednisolone daily for a week to help calm the symptoms while also trying to incorporate a change in diet to a novel or hydrolyzed protein diet. Anyone with advice on using Pred after remission -- I know this can potentially start our diabetic cycle again, the vet recommended checking BS everyday. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on novel protein (limited ingredient diets? I have read through here about home made food but honestly due to home life with taking care of my elderly mom with mid/late stage dementia I don't have the capacity to take that on.

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