? Remission? Should I stop insulin?

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    Sep 6, 2021
    Hey Hey

    My diabetic kitty Lilli was diagnosed with diabetes in August. She was on 1 unit of Lantus for 3 months now and has been doing very well. I changed diet to low-carb and now her BG is hardly ever above 150. I am not always at home as I work, one night I tested her after my mother gave her the shot and she tested at BG 57.

    From the following day, vet visited her and told me to halve her dose, so now she is at 0.5 units. She has been doing very well, and her preshot numbers are always around 120 and I am trying to catch her Nadir which I think is around BG 70, I am doing a proper curve today to check that.

    When should I stop insulin? Also, what happens if I skip 2 cycles of insulin? I will be away from town and will leave her with my parents and I don't trust them with the syringe dosage (with the 1 unit before they were using the Lantus pen, they never used syringes and now I will be away for 1 day for work).

    Thank you!!
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    May 27, 2020
    Hi there,

    This is a better question for the Lantus board, I would post over there. We like to see mostly green at very small doses (drop dose, skinny 0.25U etc) before trying an OTJ trial, but I'm not sure how the dry food may affect that. The Lantus board can give better guidance, also about the possible skip

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