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    Hi guys!

    So Jack is going onto his 8th cycle without insulin. I did TR for 2 months before switching to my own custom dosing - got him regulated within 8 days of the new dosing plan and off insulin within 6 days of being regulated. I know my dosing method is not recommended and don't recommend anyone try it - it was very specific to my cat and his BG patterns and all dosing was based on how I knew Jack to respond to insulin.

    So I have a few questions about him being OTJ.

    1) Did I take away the insulin too quickly?

    I didn't follow the recommended protocol for refusing the dose where you reduce the dose by 0.25 until the cat is receiving drops. I had been doing more of a sliding scale dosing kind of thing with some dose splitting to keep momentum once he was staying within normal numbers and then just stopped one morning following a skipped dose because his number was lower than it was prior to me skipping the dose 12hrs before. Worried that it might make him more likely to come out of remission.

    2) Are his numbers low enough?

    Since we stopped the insulin, all of his numbers have been in green with the exception of one reading of 117 on his 2nd cycle without insulin. I know his numbers are all within normal range but sometimes it bugs me that he never has any numbers below 70 and I kind of panic everytime I get a number that's close to becoming blue. Can a cat in remission actually have blue numbers or not go below 70 on a human meter?

    3) How often should I be testing and when can I reduce the amount of testing and by how much.

    Im always scared that I'll wake up one morning and he'll be at 22 lol. Can't wait to be able to test less for the sake of his ears - they look so botched right now, always red and he's losing hair on them, especially the one that I use more often.

    To understand my spreadsheet a little better, starting at the part labelled "Custom Dosing" AMPS is not actually a preshot number, its just whatever time I woke up in the morning (between 4:00pm and 5:00am) and PMPS is 12hrs later. I used the U field if I gave a shot at those times, otherwise the insulin doses are noted along with the BG readings in between the AMPS and PMPS collumns.

    Thank you guys!
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    You'll get a much better response if you had posted this in Feline Health. You can start a new thread (I would not change a single word) or ask a board member for advice on this. Then there won't be two identical threads. Members can delete posts but not threads.
    I've never had a cat even approach OTJ and for one even regulation was a fantasy so I can't comment. Good luck, OTJ is everyone's dream. :)
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    Will do. Thank you :)
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