Magellan is still loving the falls.. otj!

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Hello all may of you are new people or at least new to me. When Magellan was diagnosed with diabetes my vet suggested we put him down as he was an older cat 10 years old. His numbers where over 500 he also had a bladder and kidney infections in short one very sick kitty! Having worked with human diabetics
    I knew that the disease could be managed and that stress makes sugars worse. It was a long battle but not quite as long as many as I was driven that I would get Magellan well with or without vet assistance.
    As it was it was with out his assistance as he was flat against home testing, insisted on me feeding prescription food and way too much insulin. My first insulin as fast acting and very harsh on my boy.. with some polite but firm insistence I got him shifted from Novalin to lantus.
    A little over 6 months later and many pj parties and attempts at going otj we finally made it and it has stuck! It has been a little over 3 years since his last insulin shot! I owe his success to the people who sat up with me some times all night as he bounced around like a pink pong ball. And this site as a whole with out both I would not have had the courage to defy the vet and do what Magellan needed. It can be done.. cats can come off if insulin and stay off it. Keep the faith, trust your guts and your fur baby and you will get through it all.
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