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    Sep 14, 2012
    Hi there!

    Kismet and I are just popping in to say hello to our old friends and give a brief update. Kismet has been OTJ since 10/13/2012 and is still doing wonderful! I haven't checked his blood glucose in months, but I still do frequent urine tests (at least every other day.) He lost a lot of weight since we were last active on the board and has plateaued at a healthy 12 lbs. :) He is so active, healthy, and happy which makes his Mom and Dad VERY happy. I have noticed a slight change in behavior, though. He used to be very clingy (he would always be in the same room as us and slept with us every night) but for the past month or so, he has been more aloof and prefers to sleep downstairs on the couch. He is still very playful and affectionate, but prefers having his own space. Is this cause for concern? /He will be 4 in May and has always been my little shadow, following me around from room to room. He is acting normally otherwise. We joke that he is going through a teenage phase and wants his own space.

    We were feeding him one can of FF in the morning and one at night, but he was ALWAYS hungry and would start campaigning for food an hour or two before feeding times. He would be VERY VERY vocal and would wake us up around 6am by stomping on our chests and licking us haha. I have increased his portions to 1 and 1/2 cans for both meals and he seems to be more sated now and less ornery. His weight hasn't changed, so I guess the increase was okay.

    DH and I are so grateful for this board and the outstanding support and help we received. If it weren't for the FDMB, I don't know where we would be now. Finding this site and getting Kis OTJ is the highlight of 2012 for us and we are really very thankful for our baby's continued good health. I am looking forward to opening our 2013 Sugar cats calendar next week and a new year of continued good health for our boy.

    I hope all of you and your feline companions are doing well and had a merry Xmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, (or whatever you holidays you celebrate) and wishing you all a fabulous, healthy, OTJ new year!

    With love,

    Courtney and Kismet
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