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  1. Janet & Binky (GA)

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    Dec 28, 2009
    so things in a real hypo toolbox that every DC owner should have:

    ~a few cans of higher carb wet food. check the food charts for something around 18% carbs or higher. many use FF grilled with gravy flavors, cats love them. this is your first and best defense if you are home testing. HC canned will gently guide numbers back up. everyone should always have some cans of this in house.

    ~either karo (corn syrup) or another monosaccharide (those glucose gel packets are universally available from any pharmacy around the world), honey, maple syrup, cake food icing gel, whatever simple sugar you have. nutrical works too. remember simple sugars do not last long, will have to keep re-giving until past nadir.

    ~a needle-less feeding type of syringe (free from any vet's).

    ~high carb dry food. (keeps fresh in a sealed container in the freezer, but remember the effects of dry food usually takes longer to clear kitty's system after the crisis has passed.)

    ~your cat's favorite cat treats (ie:temptations or pill pockets often work).

    ~a bulb syringe and lube (for that worst case scenario when rectal glucose needs to be administered).

    ~print out of hypo instructions posted above. even if you know exactly what to do, it can all escape your brain in a real hypo emergency, or you might not be home and a less experienced caregiver might have to handle this.

    ~extra test strips (can go through many in a hypo and too often hear of people running out at the worst possible times...just be sure to rotate stock so emergency strips don't end up being expired when they are needed most). suggest also that everyone have a back up meter in house also. one night at 2 am you will be very glad you have one in house.

    ~the nearest 24 hour vet or ER~ phone number and driving directions. (you do not want to be looking these things up when your cat is in real trouble!).

    ~along with that either a working car or the number of a cab co. and stash of cash or credit card.

    ~and a handwritten note to oneself to breathe during the event taped to the chocolate bar that you get to have after the crisis has passed.

    everything kept together in one place will also a kitchen cabinet with all supplies on one shelf with the hypo instructions and ER phone # and directions taped to inside of cabinet door.

    remember the idea here is to be wise and prepared. hopefully you never ever ever have to crack open that bottle of karo, but to not have it, and the other tools, in house when you own a diabetic cat is foolish.

    ~jojo and bunny(GA) and Y(GA) and SettleDown (formerly known as wilson)
    became a diabetic on 7/92 after a massive steroid OD. thrived as a diabetic cat on insulin for over 14 YEARS.

    May his saga inspire all dealing with feline diabetes.

    fdmb since 2000.
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