Insulin from Canadian pharmacies

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  1. Venita

    Venita Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
  2. Venita

    Venita Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    A friend recently posted this on Facebook.

    Note that the pens are not on the website. As my friend wrote, you have to call for them.

    The same situation might hold true for Levemir pens. It's worth a phone call if that is what you need.

    CanAmericaGlobalPharmacy is a member of CIPA (Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association). So it looks like CIPA may have relaxed its rules against selling mail-order insulin and it looks like the Canadian pharmacies may be moving away from price gouging on mail-order insulin. The CIPA pharmacies are going to follow US federal law and require a written prescription.
  3. Venita

    Venita Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009

    Lantus--$120 5x3ml box. Solostar Pen/300.0003/
    Levemir--$107 5x3ml box. Pen Fill/
    $10.99 shipping per order.

    BuckADay is not a pharmacy but a prescription-arranging service.

    I have not used the service; I have only heard about it. I don't know how cold-pack medications are handled and don't see that answered in its FAQ. It is up to you to research this service and your questions. Buyer beware.
  4. lazylady77

    lazylady77 New Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    Hello. I'm new to this message board so I don't know all the ins and outs yet, but I wanted to ask a question about getting insulin from Canada. Is this possible? I was told that they could not mail to the United States, that we had to go there--with our prescription--and get it in person. Does anyone know if this is right or not? I sure would like to able to take advantage of lower prices for insulin, as well as their price for Flovent (my cat also has asthma), which here costs $165 and there only $30!!!! Thanks for any info.
  5. Venita

    Venita Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Lots of folks do order insulin from the Canadian mail order pharmacies, and it is shipped (usually from the manufacturing facility in Turkey) directly to their homes. Find a Canadian mail order pharmacy selling the insulin you wish to buy and call it to ask your questions.
  6. rberezewski

    rberezewski New Member

    Oct 13, 2013
    Ohh I see. Actually I've read reviews from this site and I found out that that most of the customer’s reviews were negative and they complained about poor delivery of the orders and that the company was involved in credit card frauds. Fraudulent charges were made on the credit cards and the customers also received spam emails after ordering. Some of them even complained that the medications were ineffective and it is not safe to use the company for buying any medications. You can read more reviews here at ... rd-frauds/
  7. rberezewski

    rberezewski New Member

    Oct 13, 2013
    I have not try there services but i read some negative reviews on them in here: ... rd-frauds/
  8. Phoebe_TiggyGA_NortonGA

    Phoebe_TiggyGA_NortonGA Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    I have successfully used several times and have been pleased with the service and no problems with false charges etc.
  9. HobbsMom

    HobbsMom Member

    Mar 19, 2014

    I've order from oversees for prescription drugs for the last few years, and besides the companies having to change names, the products are always name brands and arrive in about 3 weeks. NOT every site is reputable, but as they change many HCGers on YouTube keep track of this... but as of right now I priced out the following AND ordered mine. Received EXACTLY what I received from my pharmacist except it says for sale in India on it AND I received a purple container that holds additional syringes, etc for travel for each that I ordered.
    North India
    Lantus Insulin 100I.U.VIAL $113.04 - 10ML
    Lantus Insulin 100I.U.VIAL $214.69 - 20ML

    East India
    Lantus Insulin 100I.U.VIAL $114.94 - 10ML
    Lantus Insulin 100I.U.VIAL $218.49 - 20ML

    If you have your prescription you are fine. If not, you write up the medical history and pay $5 for a doctor to review and issue a prescription.

    I tried to post on the thread but it was locked. Do you know where I should share this information. I've personally used them at least 6 times over the years (thank good ness for their $3. retin A and $30 Latise... )and would love to share.

    Thank you for any help you can provide,

  10. George and Bert

    George and Bert Member

    Aug 5, 2013

    Andre and Matilda are hanging in there and look and act very health. I pray this continues as I know how difficult Diabetes is to control. My vet says, "You don't control it, it controls you". True that! They were both Ferals I trapped years ago. Andre has a little left in him. The cost to treat these two has been steadily increasing and I'd like to find a better way to buy.

    The syringes are cheap from ADW online at $20 with shipping and $16 at local Savon Pharmacy. I use the Monoject U-100, .3cc 5/16 shirt needle and half units.

    I was getting my Lantus Pens locally using the Solostar coupons. Last week the coupons did not work anymore and I had to pay $75 for one pen...yikes!! Then ran to Walmart and was charged $260 for one vial. Lantus is not allowing the use of coupons for animals anymore so I was told by the rep from Solostar. The most I could get online now were $20 off coupons.

    Any ideas and advice?

    Things I learned about the pens. The unopened ones should be refrigerated and the opened ones not. However, if your ambient temp in the house hovers at 86 deg F the insulin will degrade. So, I keep mine refrigerated. The main issue with open pens in the frig is cross contamination from anything that's in there. I keep mine well sealed to prevent this. Lantus is very durable and if you drop a vial or pen as long as it isn't cracked it's not a problem.

    Looking forward to some great pricing deals.
  11. BJM

    BJM Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    When used in pets, refrigerate your Lantus to reduce the chance of bacteria growing in it.
  12. Chris & China (GA)

    Chris & China (GA) Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2013
    I found a great place in Canada to get our insulin at that's a lot cheaper than it is here in the US. It's a real pharmacy, not one of those "website pharmacies". You can even call and talk to the pharmacist if you need extra help (not some salesperson) They do require a prescription, but it can be faxed or emailed. Their customer service is wonderful!

    The pharmacy is Marks Marine Pharmacy

    A lot of people from the Facebook group have used them and are very happy. It has taken about a week to get delivery (even as far away as Texas and Florida) and insulin is shipped with a medical grade icepack as well as enclosed in a special envelope designed to control temperature. I ordered from them first in late June and even though there were 2 postal holidays during that time, still got it within 10 days

    They carry both Lantus and Levemir (and now Basaglar)

    * 09/20/2018 - Updated information/pricing can be found here: Buying insulin from Canada *

    As of 1/15: As of 5/15: As of 1/16 As of 5/17: As of 8/17
    Lantus Solostar pen (box of 5) $133.99 $144.99 $149.99 $164.99
    Lantus vial $91.99 $99.99 $110.99
    Individual pens $49.99 (plus expedited shipping $19.95)
    Cartridges (like pens but without the extra plastic) $152.99 (no longer available)

    Levemir Flextouch $169.99
    Levemir penfill $164.99

    Basaglar (box of 5 pens) $124.99

    Shipping is $25 for vials/5 packs of pens

    Tell them Chris sent you...LOL

    They've added a video explaining their shipping here

    During the winter they will want to know what kind of temperatures you're expecting in your area before they ship so there's no chance of your insulin freezing in transit, so if you can, plan ahead and order when it's not going to be any problem!!

    In the summer, it's best to try to order when your temps are forecast to be under 90 for the upcoming week, but as I said earlier, I had no choice but to order in late June my first time and although our temps were in the 90's, I was still able to use every drop of the pens I got.

    **NOTE** Make sure you tell them if's for a cat and ask for insulin with the latest expiration date possible. Since most of us use tiny amounts, the longer it's good for, the better
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