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    Written by Sienne and Gabby
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    At least once a month, someone has a question about dental procedures. Rather than having to put this together every time, I've put the information in one place and this post is a way to insure the information is available to all of FDMB. (2019: Unfortunately, the original information that was from my former "cat only" vet is no longer available. The links have been updated and some information includes both dogs and cats.)

    Dental Disease in Cats

    Periodontal Disease and Dental Home Care

    What's Involved in Teeth Cleaning & Why Is General Anesthesia Needed?

    Information on anesthesia from the AVMA

    2020 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats
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    It has been a long-standing approach by veterinarians to tell clients whose pet needs a dental to withhold food and water after a certain time prior to anesthesia and many times it’s anywhere from 9 pm to midnight. If you look at the linked (above) 2020 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, it has a section under Phase 2 Step 1 regarding the length of time food and water needs to be withheld and it has an excellent table (also shown below) which addresses diabetic pets.


    Please discuss this important information with your vet to ensure your diabetic kitty is getting the correct dose and is being fasted an appropriate, and not overly long, length of time prior to anesthesia.
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