Increasing Dosing Accuracy Using 3D Printer Molds

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    May 30, 2010
    For members using BD Microfine U40 (0.5 ml), U100 (0.3 ml) or Bbraun Omnican 20 (U40) syringes, our sister FD forum in the Netherlands has developed a more accurate method for dosing with the above syringes if one has access to a 3D printer.

    They have reached out to us to provide their information on how to do molds for the above syringes to improve dosing accuracy.

    The links provided with instructions are below:
    Syringe Helper: A 3D printable tool for repeatable precise dosing of insulin.

    Syringe Helper: Almost identical to the above but provides additional information on development, print settings, etc.

    If any member has access to a 3D printer and wants to try this, please PM @Nederland who can also put you in touch with the developer to answer any questions.

    As a disclaimer, none of the Moderators have tried this methodology. FDMB is not responsible for any dosing errors or issues if any member wishes to proceed with this method of dosing. We make no representations or recommendations regarding this type of dosing or its accuracy. This information is solely provided to allow members to review and determine if it is a possibility for them to increase dosing accuracy. While “Dosing with Calipers” has been developed within FDMB and many members have used it, it is primarily for increasing dosing accuracy with U100 syringes, not U40.
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