How to "Shoot" Your Cat

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    Giving an insulin injection can cause many new members a great deal of concern. A few things to keep in mind may help. You want to be using either U100 or U40 syringes (depending on whether your insulin is U100 like Lantus/glargine or U 40 such as Prozinc or Vetsulin).
    • Syringes with half unit markings are preferred. This will make it much easier to draw up a consistent dose.
    • Syringes come in 5/64 inch (6mm), ½ inch (12.7mm) or 5/16 inch (8mm) needle lengths. It's your preference as to needle length.
    • Needle gauges are 29, 30 or 31 (31 being the thinnest). The 31 gauge needles are as thin as a hair.
    • Please do not use a syringe more than once. You can risk contaminating the insulin and the needle degrades very quickly making the next shot(s) from the same needle unnecessarily painful.

    Many members administer a shot when their cat is eating provided you do not have to give food in advance of a dose of insulin (e.g., Vetsulin).

    Below are links to information on how to give an insulin injection along with videos.
    If you want to practice giving an injection, rather than practice on your cat (or another live being), practicing with a syringe containing water and "shooting" an orange is a good alternative.
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