help. low numbers in the 30's now 170 .

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    Jun 6, 2015

    my cat was a diabetic for about a year went into remission 6 months ago with numbers around 120-125. I take her blood sugar once a week to monitor her well last week it was 280.
    Back to vet for more insulin prescription.

    So all went good she has been on a low dose 1/2 unit twice a day lantus for a week. Her numbers have been consistently between 79, (6hrs nadir 50-55) for 5 days. Recently the nadir dropped to 41) so we reduced it to 1/4 unit. Been holding that dose for 3 full days.

    Her 3rd day of holding a 1/4 unit we gave her insulin last night at 9:15 on time. Her blood sugar was 79 and at 10:15 ( 1 hr from injection) she was extremely hunger, we checked her blood sugar it was 38. Very concerned we fed her and it went up to 44. We got concerned knowing that at the 4 hrs pre-shot and 6 hrs pre-shot she would go very, very low. So we fed her a tsp of sweet potatoe.
    Her numbers went up to 45 at 3 hrs and at 4 hrs pre-shot went up to 67. She would not eat again after the sweet potatoe. Then at 6 hrs up to 85. got a little sleep.
    Her next meal fed canned low carb food at 6am took her blood sugar (9 hrs pre-shot) her number is now 170!!! Took again at 7:26 (roughly 2hrs pre-shot her number went down to 159 wheh! so its coming down.

    What do i do ?????? Her last insulin shot was 9:15 pm last night

    1. do i wait and not give her anything at all.
    2. give her a reduced dose at 1/8 (literally a few drops at 9:15 am)
    3. watch her numbers to see how low they go. If they are below 75- 80 wait till they rise above 75-80 then shoot a 1/8 unit.

    I think number 3.? because you cant just stop the insulin correct.
    look forward to hearing from you all.

    thanks so much.
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