GAH. High bs after OTJ

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    (I also posted this in the prozinc forum. I can’t seem to delete it from this thread)

    Yoshi has been in remission for approx 2 years. He went to the vet today for a cyst on his neck (vet said not infected) and was drinking a lot of water. I just tested him and he’s at 353. I don’t know if this is stress from the vet or an underlying health issue or if he needs insulin again.

    He’s going to the vet tomo for bloodwork and urine tests (I booked these prior to taking the blood sugar)

    Anyway, I’m freaking out. Is there anything I should be doing until he goes to the vet? I just fed him half can of Ff pate.
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  2. Cheryl mcgrady

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    Oct 2, 2019
    I am not a doctor but our cat was just diagnosed with diabetes. His best buddy died in April of this year. They were glued at the hip. Tigger went into a horrible depression and something just wasn't right. He felt so much lighter and then off to the vet where he was diagnosed with diabetes. Now two shots a day and changes to his diet. I definitely do believe that the stress and trauma of loosing his best buddy thru him into diabetes. He was not an overweight cat (well..maybe one pound)

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