Dawn Phenomena and insulin timing

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    Apr 3, 2022
    Hi all
    First time posting and apologies my signature is not yet set up.(update - it is now!)
    A couple of months ago I had a continuous blood glucose monitor attached to my kitty (lasted 10 days thanks to a lot of glue, some sticky bandage, then a normal bandage and finally a 'kitty coat' over the top) and it showed that she was having huge BG spikes at night. Dawn phenomena is a normal thing and due to growth hormone so it makes sense its exaggerated in acro cats, but hers was starting at midnight not even waiting until 3am when most people and kitties get it. After seeing this we delayed her pm shot until bedtime so that she was getting the biggest insulin 'oomph' closer to when it was happening (she is on lantus) and this seemed to really help - we got her dose down from 5 morning and 5 night to 3 and 4. It means that the morning shot occurred at +10 not +12 (couldn't delay it to +12 due to work) but the lower dose worked fine and for a few weeks she had really good BG readings.
    Unfortunately things then changed and so we are back to trying to work out a good dose, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this exaggerated dawn phenomena effect and how you dealt with it?
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    When you say your cat was diagnosed with acromegaly on symptoms only, what does that mean?

    Without seeing the data from your blood sugar testing, I can't answer your question. My cat, like many here, tended to have lower numbers at night, not higher. It could be there is an alternative reason for the data you are seeing. Any chance you could record your data in a spreadsheet so we can all see what is happening?
    How to Create a Spreadsheet

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