Cash has been off the juice for 25 months and celebrated big time.

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    Feb 11, 2017
    Yes it has been 25 months since we had to inject Cash with any insulin. He is still doing great with Young Again Zero Mature food. Look at my posts from 2016 and early 17 and you will see that his blood sugar was going through the moon while eating regular cat chow then Science Diet DM food. He was developing peripheral neuropathy and was losing function of his back legs. He had once been very vertically mobile. Climbing any step ladder that was left up. He gradually lost his akward gait and has been moving very well. He comes running when you call him, just like a dog.

    Well I had a 16' ladder leaned against the house doing some work and had moved around to the attic room to complete the work. I am hanging out the attic room (cat room) and our 17 year old cat, (Johnny Cash, black cat) decides to come up. No amount of verbal persuasion will stop him, he comes up higher I go back down to the ground level and tried talking him down. He is on the top step. and decided to cross the space and go into the open window. In the end he realizes that he can't make it to the window and is just sitting there. He turns around and doesn't feel comfortable climbing down either. I go up the ladder and pry him off the top step and let his front legs reach the step below. He is fighting me all the way but the two of us make it back down. With me puling one of his front legs down a step. He then puts his second front paw on that step and I move down and repeat on the next lower step.

    This was the first time that he has been on a ladder since before he got sick. We let him outside most anytime that he wants anymore since he has gotten healthy. Have been out in the pasture a hundred yards from the house and there he is following us around. Doing great for his age. We got him as an adult after living in various homes prior.

    Let him know it is feeding time and comes running. I didn't think of it while he was on the ladder.

    Have lost 3 other pets since he first got sick, I wish it were as simple for them as it has been for Cash.
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    Feb 18, 2019
    Way to go Cash! So good to hear that he's up to his old shenanigans.

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