5/24 Binie, Lower night, higher day

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    Mar 3, 2024
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    Good evening fellow cat mums and dads,

    we are a little bit more relaxed now. Binie stopped hissing at me at shottime after I tried some new locations on her skin. I really have to make a plan how to vary a lot, so her skin has time to heal. I am still anxious I might do a fur shot though. Maybe created a new phobia named FOFs (fear of fur shots).

    During the night she had a very long string of blue before she went higher again. Today it was all day high and went down a bit before shot time. I am curious, what the night brings, she is already going down a lot after +1 so it might be active.

    And by chance I learned something to make lc wet food more attractive for her: If I have opened wet food I always store it in the fridge. And usually I take it out an hour before she eats, so it can get room temperature. Today I forgot that and used the microwave to make it luke warm. And guess what, she liked it so much more. Usually she is just sniffing and licking a bit and I end up throwing away a lot. Today she ate a decent amout with a good appetite. That was easy! :cat:

    Hope you all have a beautiful day!
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    Good trick to warm up the food! Maybe it’s more smelly and she likes that. :rolleyes:

    Lol about the new FOF phobia. I think we all have that to a degree! :p

    Good luck tonight, hope Binie surfs gently with no deep drops. And, I hope you sleep well, Heike :bighug::cat::bighug:
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