5/10 Pete (AMPS 350, +3 493) - Dose increase

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  1. CrazyKaitLady

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    Apr 25, 2024

    I increased Pete's dose from 2.5u to 2.75u and have held that for 10 cycles now. He dipped down into the 200s on the first day that the dose was increased and I'd hoped I'd get that again the next day, but has been in the 300s to 400s since. Planning to go to 3u this weekend and see how he does? Fingers crossed!

    For food, I've been doing full cans at insulin and half cans at +3 and +6, nothing in the second half of the cycle. I know some people do 3 snacks though...does anyone have experience on whether 3 snacks vs. 2 would make a significant difference? (same amount of food, just distributed into 1/3 cans vs. 1/2 cans)
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    Oct 18, 2019
    Pete is not new to green or blue nadirs. With TR, you can increase the dose every 3 days (6 cycles) till he starts seeing blue nadirs. I would take him up to 3U tonight itself.
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