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    We're celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA on Thursday, November 25th. Many of us will take advantage of the four day weekend to spend time with loved ones who reside in our home and may spend less time on the board. Responses to your questions may be slower than usual.

    If your question remains unanswered and you need immediate help please cross-post on
    Feline Health - (The Main Forum).

    Here are some links to help with answering your questions (clickable links):

    jojo and bunny's HYPO TOOL BOX


    Safety always comes first.
    If you're unsure, always err on the side of caution!

    If you're on the FDMB during the holiday weekend, please check out other forums. There's bound to be less traffic on the entire board throughout the holiday so try to help out whenever you can. Someone may be in need of YOUR help or support.

    We have so much to be grateful for... our kitties, our families and friends, and each other. Also please keep those in mind who have suffered a recent loss as well as those who have been struggling and may be in need of some positive thoughts or prayers. If you're traveling... please travel safely.


    Reminder: Do you need a refill or a script for kitty meds? If you have any inkling kitty may have to see a vet over the next several days, get them in while you can. Many clinics close or limit their hours during holiday periods. Waiting for your vet clinic to open after the holiday can seem like you're waiting forever when kitty is sick and we all know how expensive it gets if you have to visit an ER!

    Please bump this post through 12/01/2021.
    Thank you!

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